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Look what I found on Ebay this morning! It’s not McCalls 5490 but it’s close and it’s close to my size so I bought it.


Here’s 5490 for comparison:


Mary also graciously loaned me the maternity version of 5490 so I can compare all of the bodice pattern pieces and make changes if I want to. The only real differences I see are the center front seam on the bodice and the amount of gathering but it will be fun to compare.

Funny thing is that I, for some reason, think I’ve owned this vintage Simplicity pattern. I’ve looked through my patterns and don’t see it but that doesn’t mean it isn’t hiding around somewhere! It’s true what they say: the mind is the first thing to go!



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Sometimes I amuse even myself

Remember this “vintage Goddess dress” pattern I bought a few days ago? It arrived yesterday in all of it’s fabulousness!


Hehe, look what I then found when I was tidying up my sewing room:


Well, you know, I guess I like what I like! I vaguely remember buying this a few years ago. It is copyright 1974, the other is 1976. At first glance they appear identical but there are some minor differences:

*Simplicity 7805 has a raglan sleeve in the front vs. McCall’s 4288’s set-in sleeve
*Simplicity 7805’s tie buttons or hooks at the center back vs. being tied in the McCall’s pattern
*The sleeves are different



I can see making them both so they’re both staying! As an aside, notice the price difference. In 1974, the McCall’s cost $1.25. In 1976, the Simplicity cost $1.75. I remember when I first started sewing Vogue designer patterns started around $5.00 – I thought that was a small fortune (I could drive to school for a week on $5 worth of gas!) but I bought them anyway.


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A consolation prize

Check out this wonderful pattern I scored today on Ebay – Simplicity 7805 and it’s my size! The seller called it a “vintage goddess dress” which made me smile. This is the sort of 1970s design that I fall for every time because it’s still so wearable today. I will definitely make this as a dress and a top.



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See by Chloe Blouse

I LOVE this top by See by Chloe! Wouldn’t my new vintage pattern be perfect for this? I actually like the pattern’s sleeves much better as I think the See top has way too much fabric for my small frame. Not to mention that it would make my chest look humongous! Adding a hip band would be easy. I’ll have to check my silk stash and see if I have any prints that are similar in feel.



If you’re interested, the See by Chloe top is available for $445 at

Edited to add:


Well, my wrap skirt pattern came today along with a lovely surprise from the Ebay seller – a beautiful vintage handkerchief! A nice reminder to me to do the little unexpected things that may brighten someone’s day. 🙂

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Vintage Fever

Darnit, I just lose my willpower when I start looking at vintage patterns! I couldn’t help but look a little after buying the vintage wrap skirt a couple of days ago. Check out my two other 1970s finds! Neither is in my size but close enough that I won’t have to do a lot of altering.

I just loved this top with the cut-on sleeve! I’ll probably have to lengthen it a little so I don’t expose my midriff. Man, I would have killed to have my stick-straight hair do that when I was in high school!


This one is just adorable! I will probably make it with the skirt for a dress look. It would be way too short to wear as a top as-is but I’ll see if the style lends itself well to lengthening.


No progress on my pink and brown top today (and yes, you super sewing sleuths, it is the HP Cosmopolitan Dress shortened to a top!). I always underestimate the time it will take for me to finish my weekly paperwork on Friday, ugh. If you noticed the binding on the neckline I will be posting a mini-tutorial (mini because it’s so easy!) at The Sewing Divas this weekend. I haven’t done this type of binding in a long time, who knows why. But it was so fast and easy that I’ll be stuck on it for awhile!


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I’m a winner!

It’s no secret that I love 70’s fashions – well, not *all* 70’s fashions but a great number of them! Well, when I saw Summerset’s vintage skirt I HAD to find the pattern right away! I am dating myself but I had so many skirts just like this in high school. Personally, I think it still looks very current so I was thrilled to find a copy!


Some of you may remember that I made a dress from a 1970-something pattern to wear to my son’s graduation back in 2006. I used to troll Ebay and the vintage sites every single day but I have so little self-control that I had to stop! It may be time to start up again but I have to try and stay away from those pricey 1950s patterns!


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Déjà vu all over again

As many of you know, in addition to being a fabriholic, patternaholic and shoeaholic I am also a purseaholic! What can I say? I am just a little bit compulsive! As I was reading one of my favorite purse blogs this morning, I came across this:


It’s a lovely bag from Moe Bags. Look familiar? Let me refresh your memory:
1940vogue1940s Vogue Pattern

obSewing Workshop Obi Bag Pattern

I had originally thought to make this bag in velvet but I think the leather is fabulous and better suited for an everyday bag.


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Pucci print dress!

Many of you know about my cutting mishap with this Pucci-inspired fabric. Even decades of experience do not make one immune to silly mistakes! But, thanks to Sherry Doty, who so generously offered me her piece, the dress is now finished! I used the same vintage pattern, Simplicity 6672, that I used for my graduation dress back in May.

The dress will be making it’s debut this evening at my father-in-law’s birthday birthday bash.


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Aside from Simplicity/New Look, I rarely look at The Big-4 (or Big-2, whatever you prefer) patterns anymore. However, when Erin over at Dress A Day posted this pattern last week I couldn’t resist buying it.

It’s eerily similar to a vintage Vogue Nina Ricci pattern I bought last week. Which, BTW, I see Erin bought as well! A pretty dress is a pretty dress.

My one concern is that the gathering below the midriff band will be too much for me. I’m not small-waisted so I may have to reduce the fullness a bit. I have quite a few nice rayons and silks in my stash so I’m thinking of making the McCall’s (the Vogue pattern hasn’t arrived yet) dress to wear to a brunch on Sunday. I think the secret to this style is using very drapey and light-weight fabric. I like the tie because it will make the dress somewhat adjustable through my weight-loss journey.


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Dress rehearsal

Please excuse my Mountain Man – he’s refused to shave, cut his hair (or wash his uniform) until baseball season was over. I’m not 100% happy with the sleeves. I suspected as much going in – I even made sure I’d have enough for a recut. My son has not been home much and by the time I decided they needed recutting it was too late. You can see that the sleeve cap needs more height so I’ll make that change next time. But, bless him, he thinks the shirt is perfect just as it is.

The fabric is a wonderful, silky cotton with just a touch of lycra. It is from Ascher Studios and was a pleasure to work with. Year before last, Fashion Fabrics Club had many gorgeous prints from Ascher at an irresistible price so, naturally, I bought all of the ones that appealed to me. Top-quality cottons are not always easy to come by!


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