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I’m moving at a snail’s pace!

So much for my goal of completing one garment per week, huh? Things have been hectic this month and my sewing has gone nowhere fast. I’m still working on the same two projects, eek! I decided yesterday that I’d start getting up even earlier than I already do and hit the treadmill in the morning vs. running outdoors after work. I do love getting outside in the evening but this way I get some sewing time instead. I did it this morning and found the treadmill as incredibly boring as always but I will try to stick with it.

And I almost forgot – I have a new baby!


This is a Consew 105 straight-stitch. I played with her for about 45 minutes yesterday and am in love. Eventually, she will get a paint job but she’s in pretty good shape and sews great.

Notice the extra-large space in the arm – I was feeling a bit cramped when working on large projects on the Singer 20U. By now you are wondering just how many machines this crazy sewer needs, aren’t you? Well, probably just one more – a cylinder-arm machine. And a friend of mine just happens to have a lead on a Singer 17 class… After that, I may have to call it quits.

UPDATE: Well, since Diane asked, I had to take a count. Eighteen. Half of them are industrials. Huh, more than I thought. I thought I was at 15 but then I was always bad at math – unless it was in 5/8″ increments.



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Yep, I’m still here!

The last couple of weeks have been very busy so I just haven’t had the energy to write – or even do much to write about!

The green silk tunic is nearly done. I’m looking for some beads so that I can bead the edges to give the crinkled silk some weight.

I also finished the Layer Cake Quilt – photos of that later. Today I cut out all of the pieces for a large Drunkard’s Path quilt. It will be made entirely out of batik fabrics, 20 prints in all. Interestingly, the instructions (and every quilter and website out there) say to stitch with the convex piece on top. Hmm, as a garment sewer that makes no sense to me whatsoever! When I sew a Princess seam I always stitch with the concave section on top and curve it around the side panel. This is a real piece of cake when you’re working with a 1/4″ seam allowance! Am I missing something? There is even a foot marketed to quilters to help stitch these curved seams. I don’t get it so I will just sew the blocks my way – no pins, no marking.




Parting shots:

Easter Lunch:

My Honey says I make the best Tuna sandwich on the planet. Embarassingly, he tells everyone that and says I should market my recipe. He’s so silly because it’s really nothing special. I start with Bumble Bee Prime Fillet (solid Albacore) and add 1/2 Tbsn of real mayo (none of that reduced or low-fat stuff), 1 Tbsn of real sour cream and 2 tspns of Guldens or Publix brown mustard. That’s it – as I said, no big deal but he raves about it. Bryan likes it melted with cheese, I prefer mine with tomato wedges instead of bread. I like the fact that it’s lighter and more tangy than the traditional all-mayo version.


The Oncidiums are blooming! OMG, I am so excited about this! My friend Mary’s husband Chris (Orchid Grower Extraordinaire!) gave me a few Oncidium plants about 10 years ago. While his spoil him with literally thousands of little Dancing Ladies, mine never bloomed. Ever. Not one single flower! Well, I had a really tough day on Thursday and it did my heart good to come home to this:


And this is just one of two flower stalks!

I also have more Phals blooming!




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