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Butterick 5077

Yay! I finally found my battery charger so I can post again! So, let’s start with last things first, shall we?

I was kind of on the fence about this pattern but decided to try it because any detail at the hip is good for my figure (read, no hips).


I chose a funky jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics (long sold out, I’m afraid). I only bought two yards for a top but managed to have enough for this dress. I thought this print would keep the dress from looking too prissy. As you can see, the dress is more fitted through the torso than it appears on the model – that was the only thing that concerned me but I figured I could always take it in a little.


It went together very quickly and easily. I sewed a straight size 8 and shortened the sleeves and the skirt by an inch. Easy! One thing about this pattern that I really disliked was the way the tie was constructed. The pattern has you sew a loop onto the hip band through which the tie is threaded. I hated the idea of that so I incorporated the ties into the hip band which worked out really great and looks so much better. I just split the band at the loop marking and added enough length for the ties leaving 1/2″ space on each side for the knot. In order to do this I had to decide whether to widen the ties or narrow the hip band – they are different widths. I figured I couldn’t go wrong narrowing the hip band and that worked out well. You can see that my ties are quite a bit longer than on the original – I think they look better that way, personally.


Really, this is a great little dress that is perfect for work (not too low-cut) and goes together quickly. I’ll probably make it at least one more time because I just never seem to have enough work dresses. Maybe I should do my laundry more often…

I have other stuff to show so stay tuned!



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