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Kwik-Sew 3000

Tomorrow is Bryan’s birthday and he has been hinting that he’d like a spa robe so last night I pulled out this pattern and whipped one up (really, this is a 2-3 hour project). Of course I’ve been meaning to get to it for weeks now but last-minute is how it always ends up. The fabric is a heavy cotton pique from my stash (another bulky piece gone!). I made two modifications to the pattern: adding bands to the sleeves and to the top of the pockets. The bands look so much nicer than plain hems, don’t you think? I know it looks ridiculous on my dressform but you get the idea.




Last night as I was snuggling in my faux mink jacket, I pulled the collar in around my face and really liked the way it looked so I decided to make the collar convertible. All I did was sew some medium-sized snaps to the collar points and the jacket fronts so that I can wear it either way. The snaps are easily hidden in the heavy pile of the fur. I like it!




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Loose Ends – Final

Yay, the last two tops are done and hanging in my closet! It always feels good to finish up a few UFOs. These are modified versions of OOP Kwik-Sew 2845, both in rayon/lycra. The first fabric is from Bestonlinefabrics (link in the sidebar). I LOVE the print!


This pretty solid came from Lucy’s Fabrics before Laura stopped selling fabric. Another one I wish I’d bought more of, sigh.


I’m going to work out now and then hopefully get started on that beautiful Burda Style skirt! Since it’s a tall size, I’m interested to see how much length I have to take off…


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Loose Ends – Part I

The day started out most irritatingly: I had my project planned, the fabric was pressed and laid out and then I took my TNT pattern out of it’s envelope and the upper bodice was missing. I know! I can’t believe it either. I have torn apart both sewing rooms and have not found it. I even checked the envelopes of patterns I made around the same time last summer (that’s where blogging really comes in handy!) with no luck, sigh. But, I did find a big zip bag with some batch-cut tees that I had forgotten about so I decided to work on those instead so that the day wouldn’t be a total loss. All fabrics are from Gorgeous Fabrics.

First up, a Kwik-Sew 3378 in a tissue-weight rayon/lycra (I wish I’d made this a smidgen longer). This fabric is very sheer so you’re seeing spots of light through it. :


A couple of Jalie Sweetheart Tops (these still need hemming) in purple rayon/lycra and


charcoal rayon/lycra.


There are three more in the bag and I think they are all Sweethearts so they’ll go together quickly. If I don’t locate my pattern piece by the weekend I guess I’ll have to alter a new one. But I won’t be happy about it.


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Simplicity 7715 – Part I

I spent some time this morning gathering up the supplies I need for my hooded jacket. I found some beautiful red cotton twill (from Spechler-Vogel – just gorgeous!) in my stash. It’s weighty enough for the jacket but lightweight enough for summer. I’ll also use a nice 2-way separator and white snaps on the pocket. I’m undecided whether to use white cord locks (definitely not these – they look a little off-white – but I have others) and ends or silver, we’ll see. These fantastic matte plastic snaps are from Snap Source. When they first started they had a wonderful selection of parallel-spring snaps (now they only sell prong-style, I believe) and, of course, I have a good supply of them.


When I opened the pattern up last night I was surprised to see that it was printed in two colors. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen that before. There are two garments in this pattern (jacket and pants) and the instructions are printed on one page. I think there was a lot less hand-holding back in 1976! Now to decide whether I’ll trace it off or cut it…


I also finished up another robe this morning. I bought this beautiful, sheer cotton on Ebay quite a few years ago with the intention of making a robe. It’s unusual for me to choose a print like this but you can see from the photo below that the fabric is quite sheer so a wild print provides a little modesty. Besides, sometimes it’s fun to use something different for loungewear!



Notice that I matched the print on the pockets so that they disappear. I also added bands to the sleeves for a little more interest.


I still have a little over 2 yards of this fabric left so I think I’ll make PJ pants. You can never have too many pairs!


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Kwik-Sew 3177

I’ll be starting a beginning sewing series at Cynthia’s Fine Fabrics next month. My first class is a kimono robe so I spent a couple of hours this morning making the sample.



This is a Kwik-Sew Kwik-Start pattern, #3177. It was super easy and quick to make up – a great confidence builder for a beginner. The fabric I used is a beautiful cotton batik with Chinese characters on it. Now that I’m done with this I’m headed back to my sewing room to cut out another one that I can wear right now. My silk broadcloth robe has been washed so much for so long that the entire upper back split a couple of weeks ago. :-O


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Another Butterick 5313

I haven’t done much sewing since the first, sigh. Last weekend, I decided to clean out my garage because we had bulk pickup last Thursday. What I thought would take a few hours ended up taking most of the weekend. I am a bit of a saver and had to be really ruthless because I had to make space for our bikes (I was so sick of seeing them on the back patio!), new lawn equipment and a miter saw that I bought a few months ago. I accomplished everything I wanted to and am so glad it’s done!

I did some sewing last week but nothing terribly exciting. Bryan left for the National Football Convention yesterday and asked me to hem some track pants (with leg zippers, ugh) and make him a navy fleece pullover. Luckily, I had some navy fleece in my stash so I pulled out my trusty old Kwik-Sew 2531 which I’ve made more times than I can recall. The only suitable navy zip I had in my stash was a 2-way separator so I just cut off the excess length and bound the bottom (which was really scratchy) with a piece of grosgrain ribbon.


This pattern does not include facings so I have drafted my own. I just think it looks more finished that way and it only takes a few minutes to do. You can see where I’ve zigzagged the facing edges down.


None of the navy nylon/lycras in my stash matched this fabric well enough so I ended up using stretch illusion of all things! If only he knew! I think it looks fine.


I finally had some time to sew for myself today so I finished up the charcoal version of Butterick 5313. This is the Vera Wang Lavendar jersey that had some months back. It was really nice to work with and I now wish I’d bought more colors. This dress will be a great year-round basic. It can be worn with flats, heels or boots, making it easy to dress up or down. It wasn’t as exciting as working with a print but I am really need of basics so I’ll have to get used to that!


In case you are wondering, yes, I did leave the flounce hem edge raw again. I am sure that Mrs. Kazen, my middle-school Home Ec. teacher, would just die at the very though of it. But, I love the way it hangs and moves so why not?


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Kwik-Sew 2935

This week I have been feverishly working on a couple of shirts for Bryan for Christmas. Naturally, I procrastinated as I always do but I finally finished (except for sewing on the buttons) about an hour ago. The first one – and my favorite – is a salt and pepper linen. Notice Pam’s cigar pocket which is a really lovely touch when using a simple fabric. Now if I could just take flat photos as nicely as Pam does – mine always look so wonky.


The 2nd is a cotton batik. I’m a little nervous about this one because he doesn’t usually wear a wild print but he said he wanted Tommy Bahama-style so that’s what he’s getting. 🙂 Notice that I didn’t match the pattern across the center front as I always do. I just couldn’t make it work with this print as it’s too irregular.


Tomorrow I will sew the buttons on. The linen will get charcoal mother of pearl from my stash and the batik will get coconut. Thank you again, Gail, for sending them to me! I had misplaced them last year and found them just in time.

I bought 150 coconut buttons on Ebay today. That’s what TB uses on all of their shirts, isn’t that convenient? It’s getting near impossible to find good-quality MOP buttons and I don’t want to dye them every time so I’m going with coconut from here on out. They are two-hole (I would have preferred 4-hole) but I guarantee Jess and Bryan will never notice and, if they do, will not care.

Greetings of the Season from Ricki Ricardo. Bryan bought this little kitty Santa hat for Winnie Pooh but Ricki was the only one who would wear it. She’s one of those cats who will sit still for anything so this isn’t the first time she’s been dressed up. Last month he put her in a little Santa suit. Silly, silly man.



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