Update on Winnie

Sad to say, Winnie’s blood tests point to either mutiple myeloma (a form of cancer) or FIP (feline infectious peritonitis). Dr. Kelly and I decided there is no point in further testing at this time because there isn’t a cure for either one. There has never been, nor will there ever be, a character like little Whiskers. She is truly a one in a million cat who is very dog-like and endears herself to everyone she meets. How many cats run to the door when the bell rings? Or look up at you and engage you in animated conversation during your evening walk through the garden? Or take bubble baths? Thirteen years just doesn’t seem like enough time, you know?



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73 responses to “Update on Winnie

  1. I’m so sorry 😦

  2. I am so, so sorry. I had a pet die suddenly recently, and I’ve been with pets when we’ve had to put them to sleep, and it is such a deep heartache. Whiskers sounds like an amazing cat – I say that as a professed “dog person” – and you are lucky to know her. Take care.

  3. I am so, so sorry to hear this Gigi.

  4. Eu realmente sinto muito.

    Te desejo o melhor.

    Eilane – Brasil

  5. Oh Gigi, Hugs to you and Winnie. I know the pain of what you’re going through. Spend as much good time with her as you can, and know that you’ve been the best thing that ever happened to her.

  6. I’m so sorry to hear this πŸ˜₯
    Ashley xxxxxx

  7. Once again, Winnie Whiskers reminds me of my Rocky cat. She lived for almost 17 years and it STILL wasn’t enough time. You’re in my prayers–you and your family and dear Winnie.

  8. sewitseams

    So, so sorry, Gigi.
    The loss of a loved pet is so difficult. I hope the sweet memories you have of her will be a comfort to you.


  9. We are all in tears and know how much you love little Winnie. We want to pay our respects and send hugs to her and to you.

  10. Rosie

    Winnie sure sounds a lot like Roan. Gigi, this is very distressing news but you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Sorry that you are going through this. Hugs & kisses!

  11. Dotty Ivey

    So Sorry Gigi.

  12. Jennifer S

    I’m so sorry to hear about your furball. Memories are healing, but even now, when I read about your kitty telling you stories while you are in tub, I got tears in my eyes thinking about how my Bailey kitty always wanted to sit on my lap while she drank “mom soup”. They do wrap your heart around their tail. Enjoy your time with her.

  13. Linda

    So,so sorry Gigi, my love and prayers to you and Whiskers . Big Hug . Linda

  14. Oh I am so sorry to hear about Winnie. Treasure your remaining time with her, I am sure she is very special and deeply loved.

    Hugs to both of you.

  15. My thoughts go to you and lovely Winnie!

  16. shams

    Very sorry, Gigi.

  17. I’m sorry – pets are so special and Winnie sounds like a lovely one! Maybe she’ll give you a miracle and get well. Fingers crossed!

  18. There is never enough time for beloved pets. Perhaps Winnie will join my Harry in Cat Heaven for special cats. Hugs!!

  19. summersetbanks

    I am sorry, Gigi. When an animal is part of your family and has such an interesting personality, it is really hard. Hugs for you!

  20. Janine

    It’s never easy, so sorry to hear of your troubles.

  21. So, so sorry Gigi. 😦

  22. Joanne

    Gigi — So sorry to hear this sad news about Winnie. She’s family and your pain is so understandable.

  23. Jane

    I’m so sorry to hear your sad news about Winnie.

  24. NancyDaQ

    Oh, no! Not little Winnie!

    You know I’m a fellow cat-person, so you have to know that I feel what you’re going through. It’s so hard to lose our little ones, and it never gets any easier. I hope you can enjoy her company for awhile yet.

  25. Very sorry to hear this news 😦

  26. Lindsay t

    Nineteen years was not enough for me when my beloved dog-like cat died three years ago. I cried before, I cried after. A lot. Expect this to be a long process.

    Thinking of you. –Meg

  27. Jennifer

    So sorry. She sounds like a special girl and like she is very loved.

  28. Colleen P.

    Oh Gigi I’m so very sorry! There will never be enough time to give back to our pets the love and happiness they give to us so freely. My heart breaks for you.

  29. jennifer

    Gigi, I am so very sorry to hear this! She has been your constant companion for some time now. You and Winnie whiskers are in my thoughts.. I often remember how you helped me with the loss of my beloved Bibi bunny. Let me know what I can do for you.

    Thinking of you, Jen

  30. vernonfashionstudio

    Our pets are such an important part of our lives. It is just as devastating to lose a pet as it is to lose any other family member. My heart is sad for you.

  31. Corinna

    I am so sorry to hear about your beloved Winnie, my heart goes out to you.

  32. Oh, I am sorry to hear that 😦

  33. Annette

    Gigi I know how losing a beloved pet is very painful. I lost Creampuff several years ago he was an alpha cat. He was going on 18 when we had to put him down. I am both a dog and cat person. Gather the memories and remember the good times

  34. Karen

    I am so very sorry! I am a cat lover too, so clearly understand what you are going through.

  35. This is horrible news. My heart goes out to both you and Winnie.

  36. chloeE

    heartbreaking to hear about Winnie, “kitties” are pieces of heaven; & loved forever


  37. I’m sorry to hear the prognosis on your beloved feline friend.

  38. Bev

    So sorry to hear about Winnie. Pets are God’s gifts to our hearts and minds. May she be happy and comforted to have you right now.

  39. Sue

    I’m sorry to read this. It sounds like she had been a true friend. Prayers for you!

  40. Claire

    Gigi, I’m so sorry to read about Winnie. It’s so difficult to lose our furry best friends. I’m sending hugs and prayers with this note.

  41. I’m so sorry. It’s hard to let a good friend go but at least you can spare her more pain.

  42. Terry

    Giei, You are very lucky to have had such a loving friend. Remember to enjoy all the happy memories and smile. Winnie would like that.


  43. Carol

    I am just so sorry, I hope you feel better, You are a good kitty mama, she is a lucky cat to have had you.

  44. maggie p

    Sorry to read about Winnie. I’ve lost many pets over the years and still miss some of them. I wish they could live longer.

  45. sewforward

    Cats always hold a special place in our hearts. A place filled with a warm cuddle, a inviting purr, a nice long nap and a hair ball or two. So sorry to hear about Winnie.

  46. Twice thirteen years isn’t enough time. The best cats leave indelible memories, though – it’s not enough, but it’s all we’ve got. You’ll never lose her until you get all the cat hair out, and that will NEVER happen. My first cat, Sam (who lived to 13 as well), was very dog-like. He took showers, went for walks, was very talkative and for some reason liked to ride the vacuum cleaner. He’s been gone 10 years and I still miss him.

    All the best to you and Ms. Winnie Whiskers. She’s had a good life with you, you can rest easy knowing you’ve done everything you can for her, and that she feels your love.

  47. linda townsend

    Winnie sounds so precious and so I am sure you will be blessed with many happy memories. I am so sorry.
    I am glad you have a workshop with Susan. You are so good and you should be a wealthy sewing star.

  48. Oh – my heart just breaks for you. You just can’t replace special animals like that – but you can know that you’re blessed to have had one and had one return their love to you.

  49. Oh, so sorry. It’s heartbreaking to lose our fur children. There’s never enough time with them. Blessings.

  50. I am so sorry, Gigi…

  51. So sorry. You know the old thought: if I get to Heaven and my pets aren’t there, I don’t want to go!

  52. No amount of time is ever enough when it comes to those we love. *hugs* *hugs* *hugs* ❀ ❀ ❀

  53. Susannah

    Am so sorry Gigi. Best wishes and warm thoughts to you and yours…

  54. Kathy

    I am so sorry to read about your dear pet. We lost our cat, Callie, ten years ago. She too thought she was a dog and had been with us for nineteen years!! Now I laugh when we talk about her and remember all the love she brought to us. There is nothing like it and I am sad for you now, but happy you have had such a beloved cat too.

    I have missed your blogs. Be gentle with yourself.

  55. Andrea

    I’m so sorry for your loss. My husband and I lost all four of our elderly cats in the last two years (and we really thought at least two of them would make it to 20 years old!) It’s impossible to express how much these fuzzy guys and gals give us. ❀

  56. Mary

    How very sad – I am so sorry for both of you…..

  57. Michelle

    So sorry to hear this Gigi. My thoughts are with you at this difficult time.

  58. JustGail

    I’m so sorry to hear this about Winnie. I haven’t yet had the honors of having a cat that seems to think it’s a dog (one would play fetch). None of them run TO the door when the doorbell rings. Quite the opposite. But they all firmly plant themselves in our hearts, don’t they? Hugs to you and Winnie.

  59. Mary Ann

    Gigi, so sorry to hear of Winnie’s condition.She sounds like a true love and companion. It is so difficult to have a sick pet. My heart goes out to you and your family.

  60. Drsue

    I’m so sorry to hear about this Gigi. The more wonderful they are the more it hurts when their time comes.

  61. Meredith P

    I echo what Phyllis said…no amount of time is enough! I’m so sorry.

  62. Tami B

    So sorry to hear about Winnie. My Ali-cat passed away just two weeks ago. It’s never easy. Luckily you’ve had a long time together. Best wishes.

  63. Cindy Huelin

    Gigi we just recently had to make that pain full decision to put our beloved Bailey “dog” down, we were blessed to have had her for 9 wonderful years but again not nearly enough time and I wasn’t ready to part with her as she was my constant companion. I keep reminding myself that it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved or to know the unconditional love that an animal gives to us.
    You are in my prayers.

  64. I am sorry about your Winnie Whiskers. It is so hard to lose a good friend.

  65. elaine healy

    Hi Gigi,
    I’m so sorry to hear about your cat. I had a cat with the same qualities that yours has. He passed away unexpectedly and even though it’s been years my Snoopy is always in my heart. You can’t replace one animal for another but you can share the love he gave you with another pet. I wouldn’t have missed a minute of knowing him even though I had to go through the pain of losing him. We are so enriched by their love.
    Big Hug,

  66. Michele

    i’m So sorry


  67. Sorry about your baby kitty. I lost my siamese Miss Kitty we had 11 years right before Christmas. She was the sweetest cat and I still miss her. I usually wait 3 or 4 months before I get a new kitten but this time my family got me a new kitten only a couple of weeks after we lost Miss Kitty. It really helped. I just love him and it helped mend my broken heart. Just thought you might consider a new cat sooner than later.

  68. Beth Lucas

    My mom’s cat was diagnosed with FIP about 5 years ago. Her vet (who treats exclusively cats) tried an experimental treatment for his FIP. Five years later, he’s still alive and happy, and no longer needs treatment.

    I don’t have all the details, but it involved interferon therapy, and was fairly inexpensive. If you’d like me to put you in contact with my mom to find out more about how her cat’s FIP was treated, just let me know. She would be happy to exchange emails with you!

  69. Carol Colgate

    I am so sorry… my heart goes out to you… there is nothing more heartbreaking, take care ~ love and prayers

  70. jane butters

    just found your blog
    I am so sorry about your kittie,I just love mine,and understand how devastating it is when they leave us,my latest called twinkle has now decided to growl when she hears the gate,not quite sure where she picked that up from,perhaps soon you will have another little one to love,I only managed one day ,twinx is not a replacement ,just a welcome addition to love

  71. Made me cry and miss the wonderful pets I have loved and lost over the years. I bet you miss her terribly, know that she loved you as well…

  72. Dana

    I’m so sorry to hear about your Winnie. No matter how long we’ve had our pets, no matter how long we might have time to prepare due to failing health, we’re not ready to say good bye when the time comes. We had to do the same with our 15-yr-old cat in January and are dreading the time we have to do the same with our 14 1/2-yr-old dog. I hope that by now you can smile when you think of Winnie rather than cry. Even thought it’s been 4 months, I still look on the couch for the cat… and look to see if I should scoop the litterbox. Hugs.