Kwik-Sew 3000

Tomorrow is Bryan’s birthday and he has been hinting that he’d like a spa robe so last night I pulled out this pattern and whipped one up (really, this is a 2-3 hour project). Of course I’ve been meaning to get to it for weeks now but last-minute is how it always ends up. The fabric is a heavy cotton pique from my stash (another bulky piece gone!). I made two modifications to the pattern: adding bands to the sleeves and to the top of the pockets. The bands look so much nicer than plain hems, don’t you think? I know it looks ridiculous on my dressform but you get the idea.




Last night as I was snuggling in my faux mink jacket, I pulled the collar in around my face and really liked the way it looked so I decided to make the collar convertible. All I did was sew some medium-sized snaps to the collar points and the jacket fronts so that I can wear it either way. The snaps are easily hidden in the heavy pile of the fur. I like it!




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30 responses to “Kwik-Sew 3000

  1. sewforward

    Great robe! You fur jacket is just beautiful. Thank you so much for blogging each step. Every time I go to the Vintage Fashion Mart I see old furs there and I keep wondering if I could refashion one – well, after reading your blog I think see the possibilities. Here’s hoping that that Florida experiences the WORST cold snap possible! Not that it would be good for the Florida citrus growers – but you would look great in your new fur jacket!

  2. Cissie

    Your fur jacket is absolutely stunning! I want one! Love the robe, too. If you don’t feel like whipping up a fur jacket for me, I’ll take a robe!

  3. i love the robe… it looks so soft & relaxing!

  4. I wonder if my husband would like something like this… Where did you get the fabric?

    • I bought it at a local shop a few years back. I used to see it all the time but haven’t in awhile (it’s called waffle pique). Sometimes JoAnn’s has something that looks similar so I bought a piece to try and it was awful!

  5. Auntie Allyn

    The robe looks lovely . . . reminds me of robes that have been in the guest rooms of some very nice hotels I’ve stayed in lately (and I mean that as a compliment).

  6. Both are absolutely beautiful! I am sure your BF will love his new robe.

  7. Thanks for sharing the robe for Bryan. You do such a great sewing job that simple things look expensive. Bryan is a lucky guy! I enjoyed seeing your coat again. The snaps are a good idea.

  8. Hoosiermama

    Am drooling over the gorgeous lining in your fur jacket. How DID you do that pleated piping (GREAT detail!)?

  9. Rosie

    Bryan will definitely love his robe. I know I do! I could do with the fur coat today.

  10. LOve the robe. The fabric looks awesome for a robe.

  11. The robe and the jacket are wonderful! You are such an inspiration

  12. Ahhh, I like the collar on the faux fur jacket with the snaps. Brian will look very handsome in his robe, that fabric is so plush

  13. What a great robe! I’m sure your beau will enjoy wearing his robe, and comforted knowing you made it just for him. Very special.

  14. Marie Roche

    I am always impressed by the details you add which make your garments look so polished and professional. I was wondering if you have pattern drafting books that you would recommend on how to make some of the fitting adjustments that you often talk about. I own several fitting books but each with different methods and I would like to know what is the correct way to make fitting adjustments. Also where do you get some of your detail ideas?
    Thank you

    Marie Roche

  15. Sue

    I like the jacket collar in its snapped position. It just looks more yummy that way. Great job on the robe.

  16. Bryan is a lucky guy. I swear I recognize the piqué from another Gigi robe!?!?

  17. The robe is wonderful and the bands are what make it so nice. What a lucky guy.

    I like the jacket in the snapped position. Very cozy.

  18. Lindsay T

    My goodness, this looks like it came from a 5-star hotel! Gee, what about a monogram?!

  19. What no monogram for the dear man? 🙂

  20. I showed this pattern to DH but sadly, he wasn’t interested, he doesn’t even wear the one he has currently.

    Nice rob and I love the fabric you chose!

  21. Summerset

    Comfortable and much better with the bands. The extra bands echo the band already there around the neck opening.

    Love the fur collar that way, too. The Burda we made has a channel with the cords that can be made to look this way, too.

  22. Great robe! Personally I’d rather have the mink jacket but what do I know…

  23. RobbieK

    OK Gigi, did he love the robe????


    gorgeous faux fur jacket. and that men’s robe is fantastic too

  25. Lexley-Brisbane Australia

    Hi Gigi
    Have not heard from you in over a month? Hope you are fine and know you are missed! Looking forward to your next post…

  26. Carol

    Gigi, Gigi … where are you. Sending you lots of well wishes and hoping you are well just busy with many fun things.


    PS we miss you

  27. Stephanie

    Hi Gigi,
    The bathrobe is great, lovely fabric. Hope you are well and off somewhere sewing up a storm, and that all is well. We all love seeing what you come up with next!

  28. linda townsend

    I’ve been worried about you. Are you okay? Hopefully you are having lots of fun.

  29. Becky

    Hi Gigi,
    I was wondering how we get to your Etsy Shop. I can’t seem to find the link.
    Also, so sorry about your cat. Pets are such a gift to us.