A little sewing, a little DIY

I had some large scraps of fur left from my recent vest project so I thought it would be fun to make a removable collar and cuffs for one of my RTW jean jackets.

I started by pinning the collar to a cardboard cutting mat and tracing all around.


I used my needlepoint tracing wheel to mark the collar seam. Do not use this tool on delicate fabrics!


Next, I trued the edges and added 1/8″ ease all around (including the neckline seam which isn’t shown in this pic).


Then I pinned the paper pattern onto the collar to check the fit. The front of the collar fit fine with enough extra ease to accomodate the bulk of the fur.


I needed more length for the fall of the collar all across the back as you can see here.


I then redrew my pattern, adding 1/4″ seam allowances all around. I drafted a diagonal patch to be sewn across the corners of the collar to conceal the original collar. Okay, I had to laugh here at the word “colla” – sometimes my brain gets ahead of my pen and my writing trails off into nothingness. I often stare at it later wondering what it was I meant to say.


Here’s the patch piece opened up as it will be cut out of the lining fabric.


Once I had the fur cut out I tested it on the jacket and decided I didn’t like this particular fur on this jacket so I’m going to cut another one out of a shorter-haired fur from my stash. Stay tuned!


I’m also keeping busy trying to get little things done around the house. I finally put the umpteen boxes of Christmas decorations up in the attic a few days ago, what a chore. Today, I put small marble shelves up in my bathroom to give me a little extra storage. The brackets came from Lowe’s and were originally gold so I spray painted them with Valspar’s Churchill Hotel Vanilla to match the walls. The “shelves” are actually pieces of Travertine leftover from my bathroom remodel. I used the width (18″) and cut them 8″ deep with my wet saw. They are attached to the brackets with dabs of silicone. Easy-peasy!




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17 responses to “A little sewing, a little DIY

  1. Gosh, Gigi, a wet saw? Do you have every tool? 🙂

  2. OMG I LOVE it!!!!! I am going to do the same. I sure have enough fur flying around here……
    THANK YOU!!!!!

  3. Hi Gigi, I’m new to your blog. Love the tutorials. The shelves are fabulous!…Coco and Angel? Fantastic! I can see we have two things in common -sewing and fine fragrances! Nice to meet you.


  4. Rosie

    Are you reading my mind about the fur collar? Love it!

  5. Juliet

    Oh Gigi, good taste in shelving as well as clothing! I think you could have a career as a stylist/ style consultant.

    I’m almost sure that I spotted nail varnish in “Fantastic” shade? I like mine so much and have had it admired regularly so I gave bottles as Christmas gifts to all those who had commented.

  6. You have your own wet saw?? You amaze me!

  7. BetsyV

    Great idea!

    I must ask about the needle-point tracing wheel. Doesn’t it damage the fabric? I have one, but probably wouldn’t use it for that reason. And it would seriously perforate tracing paper.

    We have a wet saw, too – best tool we ever bought.

    • It’s fine to use on sturdy fabrics like denim. I wouldn’t use it on anything delicate because it would definitely make holes in the fabric.

  8. Colleen P.

    Gigi, if I might ask-what size wet saw did you get, and how did you determine that? We are eventually going to need to retile two small bathrooms but I like large tiles-some of the wet saws I have looked at look a bit small for the task.

    • Since I don’t do that much tiling (boy, I’d love to have a big professional saw!) I just have one of the smaller ones. It cost about $100 and I have cut tiles as large as 18″ on it. I can even cut through thick Mexican tiles with no problem. I bought it on a whim because it cost about the same as the daily rental rate on a big saw and I’m glad I did. Just make sure you change the water in the pan often. It’s small and gets gunked up with tile dust (which will be all over you).

      • Colleen P.

        Thanks! That really does help narrow down the choices.

        LOL-I get something all over me with every household project, I don’t suppose tile dust will be the worst thing ever.

  9. Cadienne

    I can see spelling collar like you did. After all, it’s pronounced “colluh” — why on earth is there an “r” in it anyway?


  10. Oh Boy…a new tool toy! I don’t have a wet saw. I must check on that one. I like the idea of the fur collar on denim. I agree that the one you made doesn’t do anything for the jacket. At least, you have the pattern ready!

  11. Laury Shepherd

    Hmmm…I’m from Michigan and I use the “r” in collar. Nice job Gigi…all your work is top notch, most informative and a delight to read!

  12. Geesh, and I’m not the only one commenting on the wet saw. I’ve gotten pretty comfortable with my other saws, and have some tiling projects coming up so I was thinking a wet saw had to be on the list, and to think I used to be intimidated by the idea.

    And a nice little tutorial as well.

  13. seriously every time you show one of your home dec projects, I just want to ask you to marry me! *LOL* I’d move to FL in a heartbeat! Seriously though the shelves are pretty awesome!