Could you hear me squeal?

Oh, UPS man, how I have missed you! The Italian rayon jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics arrived today and it is even more beautiful in person. I’ll probably knock this dress out in the next week or two but no hurry since fall is nowhere in sight.


Also, this past week I have become obsessed with this Isabel Marant silver brocade baseball jacket ($745, gasp!) at Net-A-Porter:



I’ve been checking all my usual fabric sources for dark silver/black brocade and came up empty-handed. This morning I stopped at JoAnn’s to pick up a pattern and found this brocade – which is surprisingly nice – on sale for $9/yd! Let’s see, $27 for fabric and “free” zipper/lining from my stash for a savings of $718. I love sewing!


Thanks for the well-wishes, my surgery went great! I actually feel much better than I did last time and anticipate getting a lot of sewing done over the next few days.



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17 responses to “Could you hear me squeal?

  1. Gigi, I hope you recover smoothly from the oral surgery and enjoy some quality sewing time. Your new fabric is simply wonderful!

  2. Meredith P

    Your baseball jacket is going to be better than Net-a-Porter version. That Brocade really is nice. My Jo-Anns has less fabric than I do. 🙂

  3. Wow..that baseball jacket looks like Chanel meets Bruce Springsteen. (note to self: put on list…)

  4. I knew you would love that fabric! I have two other cuts like that which I have made into cardigans and that last knit I bought from Elliott Berman has the same type of hand.

    Glad the surgery went okay and that you are doing fine. That was an awesome find from the craft store that masquerades as a fabric store!

  5. I am always impressed with sewists who can buy fabric and years later sew up this amazing garment. Truly a talent.

  6. Carlotta

    Gee! Isabel Marant is an all-time favorite here in Paris, but none of the fashion bloggers I read even considered buying this magnificent jacket (too expensive, only her dresses and shoes are usually favored), it’ so nice to think you’re about to sew one… I especially love the look with red skinny jeans, can’t wait to see what you do with this gorgeous brocade!

  7. I’ve been eying that brocade too. Your jacket will be great.

  8. vernonfashionstudio

    Both fabrics are beautiful! Can’t wait to see them made up.

    Linda T

  9. Oh I can’t wait to see the dress and the jacket , great fabric find for each. I was at Cynthia’s today 6 already in Beg Sewing, and open, only has 2 needs one more to make go even with me..but I know we will get together soon I can feel it.

    • That is great! I really don’t want more than 6 in Beginning Sewing because then I can’t give each person as much attention as I’d like. I hope we get another for Open Sewing – that’s going to be a fun class!

  10. Susannah

    Hope you feel better. Can’t wait to see your version of this jacket!

  11. sewiknittoo

    I wanted to ask you what sewing machine you have everything always looks so professional

  12. I’ve seen this brocade at Jo-Ann’s in bronze, and you’re right, it’s good quality. The powers that be at Jo-Ann’s must have taken to heart the trashing they were getting on sewing forums and blogs because I’ve noticed an uptick in the quality of their fabric lately.

  13. Minniette

    Hello, I am new at this, I know it’s a late comment, but do you have a pattern in mind for this jacket?

    Thank You