Loose Ends – Part II

This morning I finished off another one of my batch-cut tees. This is the Jalie Sweetheart (again) in a scrumptious Three Dots crushed wool/lycra jersey that I bought from Textile Studios about 5 years ago. I loved it so much that I bought some in every color!


Since so many of you asked, yes, I do stitch the binding down from where the two neckline bindings intersect to the side seam. Otherwise, it tends to flip up in the most annoying way. You can see the slight gathers from my FBA here too.


The last two tees in the bag turned out to be Kwik-Sew 2845 rather than Sweethearts. I will get to them tomorrow. I just love being able to hang so many new tops in my closet all at once!

And now, on to the next project: I fell in love with Mardel’s (hit your back button to return here ’cause I can’t figure out how to open the link in a new window!) wonderful skirt from Burda WOF (sorry, I just can’t remember the new name so I’m going to keep calling it WOF) yesterday! Isn’t it fabulous? I am keeping my fingers crossed that this will be half as flattering on me as it is on Mardel. I traced it off today and will try to test it out tomorrow *if* I finish those last two tees. I have some fabric from Ann that will be fabulous in this style!




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6 responses to “Loose Ends – Part II

  1. What beautiful group of shirts you have . Just beautiful and so well done. I wish are machines did binding like that. I know my Bernina has a bias binder foot but I believe it only does a small binding. Once again beautiful work. Its so nice to look at your sewing projects.

  2. This is another pretty addition to your tee wardrobe. I’ve located my Bernina binder. You’ve encouraged me to give it a try again.

  3. Rosie

    Hmm … now I am truly convinced I need to come stay with you. Another great top!

  4. OH that top is gorgeous, and good to know about stitching down the binding. Your tops are really all fabulous.

    I hope the skirt works. I think it is the sash that makes it.

  5. Crystal

    Beautiful tops. It would be so fun to add so many all to the wardrobe all at once. I am excited to see your skirt. La Petite Josette also did a pretty one from this pattern: http://petitejosette.blogspot.com/search/label/skirt

  6. Ann

    This is really a great post. Now I am regular reader of your blog…Keep posting