HP Kaleidoscope Top – Final!

Almost final, anyway. I still have to sew on the buttons and hem the bottom but I thought I’d go ahead and post it anyway.

As you can see, I decided to leave off the sleeve ruffles. They were just too overwhelming for someone my size.


Changes I made:

*Shortened the upper bodice by 1″ (I’d take another 1/2″ off next time, I think)
*Omitted sleeve flounce
*Shortened front ruffle 11″ (could be because my fabric is so drapey)

Because my fabric is very lightweight, I didn’t have any problems with all of the layers around the neck. However, the ruffle does pull my facing down just a bit at the front despite my having removed some length from the facing to draw the neckline in.

Word of caution: if you are making the optional back darts (which I did), the back casing will end up being too long. Be sure to shorten that piece before joining it to the front casing sections.

Conclusion: This is a very cute top that works well in a lightweight fabric. Hemming the ruffles was quite laborious (I will try to cover that this week) so I’d just leave the raw edges if I made this again.



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21 responses to “HP Kaleidoscope Top – Final!

  1. That is really pretty, and I love that color.

  2. Gigi, your top is so pretty! My pattern is out and ready for tracing. Thanks for the caution.

  3. Oh wow — this is truly lovely. I love the electric blue color. Great choice!

  4. What a beautiful romantic blouse.

  5. summersetbanks

    Pretty – I can see why you’d rather not hem all those edge again! They certainly make the style, but it is fiddly work.

  6. CGCouture

    Very pretty! I’ll be waiting anxiously to hear your tips on hemming the ruffles. 🙂

  7. jennifer

    Gigi, this turned out so beautiful. Will you please post a photo of you wearing it??

  8. Bev

    Nice color and great job, but I’d have given up with all the adjustments, and that drooping issue because of the weight of the ruffle. Does that indicate bad design?

    • I don’t think it indicates bad design. I make adjustments to every pattern I make so I’m used to it. Plus, every fabric fits/behaves differently so there are also fine-tuning adjustments to be made every time the same pattern is used. I do think there’s an issue with the length of the ruffle but it’s certainly easy to correct. It’s bias so the fabric is going to stretch an undetermined amount depending on the fabric being used.

  9. Great top! It looks amazing in that heavenly blue color!!!

  10. Beautiful color! I don’t think the front ruffles are long because of the fabric. I cut mine almost in half due to fabric shortage and still they would’ve been plenty long had I finished the top.

  11. Beautiful top – I love that it looks dressy but also cool and comfortable enough for everyday wear.

  12. What a great top! That color will be beautiful on you!

  13. Beautiful feminine top – I love the colour!

  14. Beautiful top. The color ist awesome!

  15. Very lovely! The color is gorgeous!

  16. I wish you’d post a picture of you wearing this top. It is just beautiful.

  17. Jan

    Beautiful. Gigi, I’m wondering how low the neckline is while being worn? This blouse is so lovely, I can’t even imagine a cami worn under it, for modesty purposes.