McCall’s 6112 – Final

I finished up the dress last night. Sometimes it’s fun to make something quick and easy! You can see now why I wanted a very simple black dress (please excuse those weird whitish spots in some of the photos, they are from the flash). Most of you don’t know that I’m a bit of a collector of Native American jewelry. I have several squash blossom necklaces, the two largest of which are shown here. As Tim Gunn would say, a squash blossom is a “whole lotta look” and (unless you actually live in the Southwest) needs a plain garment to avoid appearing costumey. This first necklace is by artist Effie Calavaza. Each blossom consists of a snake wrapped around two pieces of coral, the snake (or serpent) being her trademark. My ex gave this to me just before he left and it has been languishing in my safe for about 4 years. Time for it to see the light of day!


I do not remember who made this turquoise SB, I’ll have to pull out my book and look up the signature. I’ve had this for many years and the old memory isn’t so good anymore!


I made a straight size 8 and skipped all but my usual sway-back alteration. I did make a couple of style changes to the pattern. I added 2″ to the length (keep in mind that I’m 5’3″ and wanted it right at the knee) and opened up the neckline a bit. Instead of turning under and topstitching the neckline, I opted for a binding. I tried several belts with this dress but, in the end, a 3″ wide self-belt looked best.


I didn’t want any topstitching to show so all hems are blindstitched.


Verdict: a super quick and easy pattern that will be a very versatile addition to my wardrobe. I can see making this in a slightly shorter length to wear with flats as an alternative to shorts.



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26 responses to “McCall’s 6112 – Final

  1. OMG, those necklaces are so beautiful! And the dress sets them off perfectly. Brava!!!

  2. I have that pattern and I want to make a cold shoulder dress too. That jewelry is amazing! I love bold statement pieces and those really take that dress to the next level.

  3. Rosie

    Your collection of Native American jewelry is amazing. You were so right about having a simple dress to go with it.

  4. Lovely dress and perfect to set off those wonderful necklaces!

  5. Your dress is gorgeous and is so perfect for the amazing necklaces.


  6. Meredith P

    A beautiful frame for displaying that fantasic art! Thanks for the construction notes, too. Your binding application is superb (as expected). Do you just stitch and fold over a single layer to the back, or something special?

    • Thanks, Meredith! Yes, it’s just stitched, wrapped and ditch-stitched. Ann at Gorgeous Things (link in the side bar) put up a tutorial a couple of days ago if you want to check it out.

  7. CGCouture

    I love the jewelry! I have a necklace very similar to the turquoise one, but I’ve never had anything that I thought it looked great with. I’ll have to try something like this. 🙂 Cute dress, I like the open sleeve thingys. 🙂

  8. Wow! You put together some impressive looks. The dress is perfect for the jewelry!

  9. Ah that’s Great Gigi! Em likes it too. 🙂

  10. Great design and a fantastic way to showcase your jewelry!

  11. Very cool! Both are perfect with the squashblossom necklaces! Be sure to show off more of your jewelry when you can, I live in NM and can’t get enough of it.

  12. Jan

    What a cute dress! It’s the perfect backdrop for your beautiful necklaces. The pattern is enhanced by your exquisite finishing techniques. Bravo! Yes, I did watch last evening’s premier season opener of Project Runway. Oh my God, where do they get these people?

  13. First a couple of things:

    The dress is stunning! Don’t you love when simple to sew garments give you so much punch?!

    Next – I like the turquoise necklace with it the most and sorry to hear that the backstory doesn’t thrill as much as it use too.

    Finally, every time you title one of your post Garment – Final…I think of the game show, How to be a Millionaire with Meredith Viera going “final answer?” LOL

    You should definitely make this again!

  14. What a great dress. I must pick up this pattern. I love the split sleeves. The black is a perfect backdrop for your beautiful jewelry. You’ll look lovely wearing this!

  15. Your necklaces are so pretty and your dress is the perfect backdrop for them. The dress is also very cute in it’s own rite.

  16. What a versatile LBD, love, love, love the jewerly.

  17. Janine

    LOVE, LOVE the necklaces. Dress is awesome, too.

  18. vernonfashionstudio

    Love the dress! So easy to wear and a great backdrop for those beautiful necklaces.

    Linda T

  19. Fabulous dress, and you are right, a perfect backdrob for the fabulous jewelry.

  20. Gorgeous. Love the simplicity of it.

  21. Yours looks so much better than the pattern pic – I would have passed it over but now I’m thinking I might have to make it. (I actually had to recheck that you used that pattern)

  22. Sharon

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I’m Native American and Navajo, so the squash blossom jewelry has special significance for me. Love it. I have this pattern and will definitely sew it up now that I see how you used it with the jewelry in that way.

  23. Gigi,

    Just a word of thought! I have never seen a blog about sewing, quite like yours… How do you keep interested and have the time to update your blog?

    Looks like your sewing hobby would take up all of your time and keep you too busy to blog.

    Anyway, very interesting and keep up the good work!



    • I guess I’m a bit obsessed when it comes to sewing so I never lose interest in it! I’m a pretty fast sewer and a fast typist too. 😉 I enjoy keeping up my blog because most of my girlfriends here in town don’t sew and it’s nice to connect with others that do. Gigi

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