Clothes on Film

I just discovered this fabulous website about – what else? – clothes on film. And, who should be right at the top of the front page but my secret lover Daniel Craig! Sigh. If you’re not a Bond fan, just scroll down to read about the Grace Kelly exhibit and do check out the post about Mia Farrow’s red silk chiffon pyjamas from Rosemary’s Baby.

Sorry, there has been no leisure sewing here. Between the house and still looking for a job (which is totally freaking me out!) I’ve been a little busy. I have managed to get most of my new closet shelving hung and some of my clothing moved back in. I felt that just having someplace to put my clothes and be organized would maybe help me feel a little more in control of my life. Let’s hope!



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7 responses to “Clothes on Film

  1. Kewl site – thank you!!!

  2. Fingers crossed for that new job showing itself soon!

  3. I just discovered Clothes on Film, too — love it! Good luck on the job hunting — my thoughts are with you, as I know how stressful that is.

  4. sewforward

    Thanks for the great website (clothes on film)and I hope your job search ends with you getting that ‘fabo’ job you always wanted!

  5. subversivesewer

    I feel ya. My cousin, who just graduated in the top quarter of his class at a first-tier law school, is delivering pizzas! Good thing he lives with me so he doesn’t have to pay rent!

  6. That is really kind of an awesome site. Thanks! Sorry you have job troubles. 😦 Crossing fingers for you!