Sewing Art

I rescued these two shears from the garbage at my friend’s shop. Apparently, a customer’s employee tried to sharpen them on a grinder on the inside of each blade, thereby ruining them. So, I purchased a shadow box and mounted the shears, making perfect wall art for a sewer’s house.


I used an awl to punch holes all the way through the backer board and then attached the shears with fishing line. I secured the knots on the back with hot glue.


Things are moving along well with the repairs. Woohoo, I have a closet door!


A friend is coming over this afternoon to help me remove these eyeball lights and install the boxes for new lights to be mounted over the two mirrors. I do some minor electrical work but don’t feel confident enough to tackle this on my own. The plasterer is coming Monday so I need to get this done so he can patch the holes. Yes, I have a ceiling fan in my bathroom – it is definitely coming out!


I’m trying to decide which lights to use. I like the fixture on the left best but prefer the glass shades on the right. I’ll probably use the fixture on the left and try to find some different shades for it.


I’d better turn my computer off now as I’m trying to get all of my housework done today. I really NEED to sew tomorrow. I’m going crazy!



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13 responses to “Sewing Art

  1. I can’t believe your many talents and skills. I’d never tackle electrical repairs but I have done lots of carpentry work. I remember your post about the bathroom tile–is this the bathroom you’re having to redo? I, too, go nuts if I can’t do something sewing related daily–even if it’s just making a decision about something. Hope you’re able to get lots done tomorrow. Sally

  2. I love the sewing art! What a great save and a creative thought! The one good thing about this accident is that you are getting the chance to change all of the things you don’t like in the bathroom!

  3. vernonfashionstudio

    Neat idea for art. Good idea for someone who has antique sewing implements.

    Linda T

  4. What a great idea for sewing art! And I’m thrilled that your work is coming along so well.

  5. CGCouture

    Cool use for the old scissors! I would never have thought of that! 🙂 As for the lights, if you can for sure find new shades to fit them, I’d go with the one on the left, but if you can’t, I’d probably go with the one on the right.

  6. I wanted to say I have left you a Sunshine Award on my blog ( for you to pick up for having a great inspired blog.

    Thank you and keep up the brilliant work!

  7. Summerset

    Fabulous art! Your house is looking great – it seems to be moving along quickly, too.

  8. You are quite handy!! The shears look very neat in the shadow box. I continue to be amazed with the speed at which the work is being done in your house. You must have found the fastest contractors in the US!!

  9. Love the shadow box idea with the scissors. I have my grandmothers sewing box with a bunch of stuff that I can’t use, but I want to hold on to. This is the perfect solution!

  10. oh Gigi, I just read about the explosion. I’m so glad for you that everyone is all right. And happy for you that the repairs are going so quickly and so well.
    Love your jackets. I have perfect confidence that You can do 12 this year. Your work is just lovely. My blog reading will be sporadic for awhile yet, but you’re in my thoughts.

  11. gia

    the old shears you lovingly rescued on display in shadow boxes is neat. i love shadow boxes. also appreciating 12 jackets in 1 year ~ a fine goal.

  12. Momghoti

    I like the scissors as wall art…but are you sure they are ruined? I ordered some new scissor–I dropped my Ginghers(in the middle of making a pair of satin dresses for a play. These were the only scissors I own that would cut the stuff–and the nick just pulled the thread. Yech.)–and the manufacturer, Ernest Wright and Sons, said that they can sharpen/reface scissors. Essentially, they treat them as partially finished blanks.

    • Oh yes, they are definitely ruined as they were sharpened on the inside edges on a grinder. They are pretty to look at though!