Padstitching by machine

I mentioned previously that I have used my blindstitch machine to padstitch jacket collars and lapels. I have roughly explained how it is done but, unfortunately, had no photographs to share with you. This is the machine I use. It’s a portable Japanese Tac-Sew T500. I’d love a full-size US Blindstitch but can’t justify giving up that much space for something I don’t use that often.


This morning I was catching up on my blog reading and found this wonderful post at Made By Hand – The Great Sartorial Debate:

Henry Poole – again

Scroll down a bit and you will see exactly how the blindstitching is used to attach the hair canvas. I’d use the “no skip” setting in areas where I want more body and the “skip” setting for the rest. It’s neat, it’s fast and it’s easy. And, if it’s good enough for Savile Row, it’s certainly good enough for me.



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5 responses to “Padstitching by machine

  1. Gigi, thanks so much for that link. Looks like a great blog, with lots of real info.

  2. Jaime

    Hi Gigi,
    I love your blog, you are very inspiring to me! My heart almost skipped a beat when i saw the picture of this blind stitch machine! I have had the same machine for awhile and have experienced a lot of frustration with it. Do you know of an online source where I can buy needles for it?

    • Jaime, anyplace that sells industrial needles will have them. They are system 29-34 or LWx6T and sell for around $15 for a 10-pack.

  3. fa-sew-la-tee-do

    Gigi: Can you pls delete my most recent post on the “is it me” thread? I want to resend it without website address showing and couldn’t find a way to delete it. Thanks.

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