There was a terrible accident at my house last night but I am happy to report that we are all okay. Bryan and I were watching the halftime show on the couch last night. When it was over he went outside to light the grill. Seconds later, there was a huge explosion that ripped open the locked wall of French doors in the living room and in the pool room and I saw him fly into the pool. Naturally, my first thought was that he was dead. I cannot tell you how relieved I was when he surfaced – all in one piece.

I immediately called 911 because I didn’t know if there was any fire inside that end of the house or the risk of another explosion. I have to commend the Plantation Police and Fire Departments (which is largely volunteer) who responded in minutes and were very helpful, reassuring and extremely professional.

So, what happened? It was determined that there was a leak in the gas line from the grill. Over time, gas seeped into the concrete block of my house and formed a pocket. When Bryan pressed the ignition, he said he felt something wasn’t right and then there was a big flame and he turned his head and headed towards the pool (thank God!). The blast blew everything to smithereens, leaving me with a big hole in my house. My neighbors said their windows shook and my best friend, who lives about 2 miles away across the parkway, heard it at her house.

I cannot express how lucky we feel and how thankful we are that no one was hurt. I can’t stop thinking about how tragic this could have been. Had Bryan not reacted so quickly…well, I don’t want to think about that anymore. The angels were on our side and he walked away with minor burns and cuts.

Anyway, what I really wanted to say is that I’ll be taking a bit of a break here. I have decided to act as my own GC so I’ll be pretty busy with that for awhile. Of course, I’ll try to squeeze sewing in whenever I can – I’ll need it for the stress relief. 🙂 Keep on sewing, I’ll be reading your blogs even though I won’t always have time to comment.

And we have photos! As much as I love my house, it is just that: a house. It’s easy to make a house whole again – not always possible with a person. Be safe everyone and, for heaven’s sake, don’t have a grill/bar built onto your house!

My formerly beautiful cedar closet – this was the purse wall. I haven’t even started going through that mess.



This picture cracks me up. Everything’s been blown to bits and the orchid is still standing. Check out those thick concrete walls. That’s what a good hurricane house looks like. 🙂

All of my patio doors bent out of shape from the blast. I guess they really are hurricane-proof!


The rubble. The wooden shelves are from the closet.


It’s way too cold to dive in and retrieve this mess.


I have to say, seeing the Chanel shopping bag on the pile made me laugh. Chanel endures!




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74 responses to “Ka-boom

  1. nalani

    What an experience! Glad that you are both safe. Take care.

  2. Oh Lordy. It looks like a war zone. Thank goodness all all well. And God bless Chanel!

  3. bobbikg

    WOW! So glad you’re both okay. Something like this truly puts things in perspective.

  4. You two are very lucky, I’m so glad that you are both okay! My hubby is a firefighter, so I understand the mess you have on your hands! Get it all put back, and we’ll see you when you have time to sew again! We ain’t goin’ nowhere!!!

  5. oh my gosh!! Thank GOD indeed!! Gives me chills just thinking about it. I am so glad to hear you are okay and are taking it in stride. Good luck with the renovation!

  6. homejewel

    I’m so glad everyone is okay. That sounds scary. The same thing happened to friends of ours, but their entire home caught on fire and it was a total loss. No one was hurt, thankfully.

  7. OMG this is outrageous. Thank goodness everyone is ok!

  8. Omega

    So glad you all are OK, you are blessed in deed that it wasn’t any worse.

  9. Holy crap Gigi! Thank God you and Brian are alright!!! That is so scary. And Chanel style endures all.

  10. Belinda (sew4Fun)

    So glad everyone is alright, but what a shock! These things happen so suddenly. Take care.

  11. OMG. I am so glad that you two are OK. What a freak think to happen!

  12. GEEZ, Gigi! Thank God you and Brian are okay. And how lucky that he felt something was amiss and reacted so quickly. You’ve got it, a house is, in the end just a house, thankfully your loved one is okay, although it looks like you will be quite busy.

  13. Oh my word! I’m so glad that everyone is OK.

  14. wowwee zowwee. What a story. So not all the fireworks were at the super bowl! So glad you are both ok. Glad you had a pool for Bryan to dive into! I hope the reconstruction does not take too long.

  15. Thank God you are both okay…..That must have been so scary

  16. Sally

    Boy and are you Bryan lucky! Thank God only the house was damaged and that Bryan sensed that something was not right. The damaged parts of your house can be replaced. I don’t envy your repair process, however. Wishing you luck that it all goes smoothly. Sally

  17. Janis Baikie

    OMG what a diaster zone. thank heavens you are all ok. Makes me want to check our Barbecque before I even think of lighting it. I will miss your posts but wish you and your sweetheart and your house a speedy recovery. Janis

  18. That’s amazing!! I’m glad everyone is ok. True, it’s just a house but you’re so fortunate it wasn’t any worse.

  19. Terry Sharkey

    I am going to church tomorrow and my prayers will be prayers of Thanks that no one was hurt. Your grardian angels were working overtime. Thank you Lord.


  20. Kristen

    Thank goodness you and Brian did not get injured! That is some serious damage…I have a friend whose house was totaled in a similar (slow gas leak from grill that was stored in the garage for the winter) type accident. Things like this really make you appreciate life!

  21. Oh my gracious! I’m glad that you are okay. You are right materials things can be replaced; loved ones can’t. Stay safe!

  22. Thank goodness you are all Ok, that looks like it was quite a bang.

  23. So glad to hear everyone is okay. Good luck with the cleanup…

  24. Vicki

    Oh my goodness! THank God you are both ok.

  25. That is one very smart man you got there, Gigi. And your attitude is amazing, please don’t stress yourself too much getting everything put back together. I’m so glad your orchid wasn’t hurt either. As they say: Go Chanel or Go Home. Ewww, bad joke.

  26. Holy Smoke! All’s well that ends well, but what a moment!

  27. I am so glad that you are both okay! Wow!!!

  28. Oh Gigi, these are shocking photos. I am so glad you all are OK. Let the cleanup begin. Take it easy.

  29. Wow! Glad everyone was okay!

  30. Belle

    I usually don’t comment but had to say that thankfully you both are ok from this helluva scary experience. Best wishes on the clean up! (P.S. I cannot kill my orchids either altho they will not bloom…ha.)

  31. How scary. Thank goodness you are all okay. As for being your own GC- don’t be to nice. We were and got less than great work. Go see other peoples work. Assume it will take longer than they say. Make sure to be there when they do big stuff. I came home to them cutting a hole in the wrong wall. Hope it goes well for you. Good Luck

  32. I am so glad everyone is okay. As you said, a house can be fixed and replaced.
    I must admit that the picture of the Chanel bag cracked me up! Good luck as you go through the rennovations.

  33. Gigi – can I also say that I’m glad that you and Bryan are okay! As you say your house can be fixed and I understand how all consuming this repair is going to be over the next couple of weeks. But I’m sure that you will get everything back better than it was…again I’m soooooo happy that everything is okay with both of you!

  34. Julie L

    I am so happy everyone was safe after such a terrible accident. I do love the orchid that is still standing. Best of luck with the rebuilding – I hope it goes smoothly for you.

  35. Wow!
    I am glad you were both unhurt!
    Great documenting of the accident and good luck with the repairs!

  36. I’m so glad that no one was hurt! Best wishes.

  37. Miss Celie

    I’ve never seen anything like that in my life. Thank god you and Brian are ok. I can’t even imagine how scary that must have been.

  38. WOW, you’re both so fortunate it wasn’t worse – praise God!!!!

  39. Meredith P

    I will echo the others. So glad that you and Bryan are OK. I assume any kitties in residence are OK too? (Don’t know how many, if any you have right now.)

    I don’t envy you the clean-up, but you have the right attitude. I assume no fabric or sewing equipment was harmed in the making of this disaster.

  40. Mary

    What a frightening experience. Glad your husband and you are okay.

  41. L.D.

    Sorry about this terrible accident. Glad you’re both ok.
    Wanted to tell you I just discovered your blog & wanted to thank you. I’ve learned so much. Thank you for posting pictures of the various feet, binders, etc. It’s hard to envision those gadgets so the photos & explanations were just what I needed.
    We have alot of experience w/ burns, etc. And would recommend Emu oil for burns, etc. It’s amazing.
    Thanks again for this blog.

  42. Oh my! Glad everyone is safe!

  43. Lindsay T

    Goodness gracious! I am so glad you and Brian are ok.

  44. Wow! I am so happy you’re all safe. Gas is something you do NOT mess with. We have bottles in an exterior hatch with one line down to the kitchen and not only do we have auto shutoff valves on all the cookers, ut we recently installed a gas alarm that shuts off everything in the event of a gas leak or power failure. You’ve just made me very thankful for it.

  45. I’m so glad that both of you are fine. I hope you get your house back on track.

  46. SewingLibrarian

    So glad you are both safe! Good luck with your repairs.

  47. Oh my goodness! I was so happy to read that everyone was OK. That is crazy! I’ve never seen this before. Take Care

  48. Too many things happening “just right” to be coincidence. I’m glad your husband landed in the pool! 🙂

  49. Summerset

    Um, Wow! So glad to hear that you both are ok. You are so right, the house and things can be repaired and replaced, people can not.

  50. Holy crap! If I lived closer I’d help you clean up!! I’m so glad both of you are safe!

  51. Ann B.

    Thank goodness you are both safe. What quick thinking to not panic and dive into the pool. We’ll be thinking of you.

  52. Leslie in Austin

    Holy cow, Gigi!!! I can’t even begin to tell you how glad I am that you and Bryan are ok. My heart is still pounding from your retelling. But come on, woman, there are certainly easier ways to get a new purse wall and patio remodel..

  53. Phyllis

    Chanel endures – and so does Gigi!

  54. Rose

    Oh my goodness – how frightening! Thank God everyone is okay. Here’s hoping for speedy repairs!

  55. Gigi O

    I am so thankful that you and your boyfriend are ok! Best of luck with your construction.

  56. Oh my God! Thank God you are all ok! What an unbelievable experience. Just seeing all that block in the pool when you know that is where he was thrown.. WOW!

  57. So glad that no one was hurt. Structures can be repaired, people, less so.

  58. Remnant

    I’m a fan of your blog, but not of posts which are titled, “Ka-boom.” I’m so thankful that you and yours are not seriously harmed! I hope your reconstruction goes smoothly. Hugs.

  59. Pat

    I am also a fan of your blog, and am very glad that you and Bryan are still here to tell your story!!
    Good luck with the re-construction!!

  60. Sharon

    I am so, so thankful you and Bryan are fine! Hang in there and hope everything goes smoothly. Wow, that’s all I can say.

  61. SoldierGrrrl

    I’m so glad you’re both okay!!

  62. Beverly

    Gigi-What a misfortune. Glad you and your husband were not hurt badly. Good luck with the repairs; may they be speedy. We will miss your wonderful blog for now. Best wishes.

  63. My dearest Gigi, thank God everyone is OK and you still have your perspective. It looks like a mountain of work–I know, I know, I have a newborn so I’m right there with ya–but with patience and a sense of perspective and humour things will be fine. Holding your hand all the way from Belgium, sending you love, courage, tenacity, patience, and a shoulder to cry on. XXX

  64. Olivia

    Oh Gigi, I feel so badly for you. I hope your repairs go smoothly and I’m glad everyone is OK. Keep us posted with repair updates and Good Luck!!

  65. Heather Mayfield

    I am very relieved that you are both safe. Good luck with getting your house back in order. I hope that you both continue to flourish and I look forward to when you are able to blog again. Your sewing inspired me to get back to sewing for myself, thank-you from a very snowy London.

  66. Ayyyy! Thank goodness you are safe!

  67. Thank goodness the only damage was to the house! Glad you’re okay.

  68. OP Gal

    I’m glad everyone is okay and things turned out as well as they did. I’m amazed at Bryan’s quick thinking in heading for the pool. I’m not sure many would have reacted so logically.

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  70. Oh my God! How utterly scary this must have been. I am glad everyone is okay!!!

  71. Wow – I just read your story and I thank God you and your husband was okay.

  72. Oh my gosh! Thank goodness you are both ok. I can’t even imagine what it must have felt like to see him thrown through the air. Good luck with the repairs!

  73. Holy cow! I am glad both of you are OK. It’s not every day your house blows up, for sure.

  74. justgail

    I’m just catching up on blog reading – when I saw the entries on the bathroom (new tile, etc), I thought “hmm – I must have missed where she wrote about remodelling plans”. I guess not – I missed the big kaboom! I’m glad you and Bryan and the kitties are OK. On the bright side – shiney new bathroom and closet, and you know for sure how solidly your house is built!