My clothes won’t shut up!

For the past few months, I’ve been following the What Did You Wear Today & Why? thread over at Artisan’s Square and have been inspired to try a little harder each and every day. When you live in a hot climate like I do, most of your outfits consist of one (a dress) or two (top/bottom) pieces. I’ve been trying to put together more interesting outfits and to layer and accessorize more. Well, guess what I discovered? Because of this two-piece dressing habit, most of my tops are “speakers” rather than “listeners”! I am in desperate need of basic tops and bottoms so I’ve put aside my other projects so that I can fill this void. It’s not terribly exciting sewing so I probably won’t blog about it until after I’ve finished a few pieces. To start, I’ll need:

*Long or 3/4 sleeved tees in solid brights and neutrals
*Short-sleeved tees in solid brights and neutrals
*Shirts/blouses in light neutrals
*Black pants
*Khaki pants
*Solid skirts in khaki, brown and black
*Skinny jeans in dark indigo and brown
*A jean-style jacket in corduroy

I haven’t sewn much in the past two weeks because I’m trying to get all of my Christmas decorations up. There is still so much to do and, frankly, I’m a little nervous that I won’t complete my exterior illumination before Thanksgiving. Happy Turkey Day to all of you here in the U.S. – think of all the sewing time we’ll gain over the next week by not having to cook!



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7 responses to “My clothes won’t shut up!

  1. Miss Celie

    I have this same problem. Seriously. Nothing coordinates because I am just drawn to the big, the fun and the bright prints.

  2. You’ve listed my wardrobe (minus the jeans jacket), boy, I must be really boring and didn’t realize it til now! I think I need to opposite approach–a print or two? Now that’s a scary proposition for me to consider.

  3. One of the great things (of many!) about having daughters is that they can give you great fashion ideas, and Emmi is a master of layering. She really loves ultra thin and fine knits and she layers them to great effect, sometimes wearing three or four at a time. She’ll take a long sleeve t-shirt and wear it with a wide a deeply cut v-neck long sleeve, or she wears camisoles over the same long sleeve t-shirts. The hems often peek out at various lengths. Then she’ll add a shrug on top of that. She keeps the rest of her outfit simple, either skinny jeans tucked into Uggs or she’ll wear wide leg pants and sneakers. The girl has style, let me tell you!

  4. Susan C

    I am just the opposite. All my tops are plain. I have hardly any prints and need to make some. I am trying more with accessories, although so far all I’ve mastered is a long chain of some sort with my various t-shirts : )

  5. Somehow, your blog was not on my Google Reader! I have remedied that. GL with your plans to sew basics. I know how hard it can be to sew what you need instead of what you want.

  6. Janice

    Well, I am in the same need as you, Gigi. So hope you keep us posted on the patterns and fabrics you use

  7. My clothes (particularly the top half) are listening too much. I need a couple of debaters on the team.