Boudoir Bliss!

I am so excited about HP’s new collection, just released today: Boudoir Bliss!

I love having pretty lingerie and loungewear and love sewing my own even more. I love them all so it’s going to be tough to decide which one I want to make first.

I don’t know why the photos are cut off on the right side. I’ll try to figure that out tomorrow. If you want to see the line drawings of the patterns, just hop over to the Hot Patterns website.


I am always looking for new robe styles and I really love this one. It would be just as pretty in cotton for summer as it would be in a sensuous silk.


The nightgown is beautiful and the robe is TDF, don’t you think?


This is the sort of thing I’d love to wear when I’m laying on the couch watching a good movie. It just begs for a martini!


This would be perfect for when we visit Bryan’s parents over Christmas. I love a nice nightshirt when it’s cool out.


Retro pyjamas. Need I say more?


I’m a sucker for anything peasant-inspired. I’d make the pyjama with shorts or make the nightie in voile to wear as a caftan over my swimsuit.

I did work on my 3rd pair of Marrakesh Pants last night. I have a couple of small alterations to make before I can attach the waistband. I should have photos up tomorrow sometime.

I have so many other things in progress but I think I’d better get my corduroy jacket cut out. It was in the 50s last night and I was once again caught without a decent jacket. I’m sure I’ll be freezing my you-know-what off at the football game tonight. I do this to myself every year so I just need to push everything aside and get it done before the next cold snap.



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3 responses to “Boudoir Bliss!

  1. I thought it was a pretty kewl collection too!

  2. I adore this collection! Each one of those will look great on you Gigi.

  3. Linda

    I’ve already (and received) my first Boudoir pattern- the Gloriana. Can’t wait to make it!