The Week in Review

I really didn’t accomplish much, this being a short week and all. I had some time to sew on Wednesday and spent it mending my paisley peasant blouse, grrrrr. When I was finished, I spent time planning my next projects. Thursday I met Jess for drinks, Friday I went to Bryan’s football game and then I worked yesterday so boohoo no sewing time until later today (after I vacuum and mop!).

About the mending: whenever I make something new I like to try it on with various other items in my wardrobe just to see what works with what. I was wearing a black bra and noticed a black spot on the front of my blouse. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that there was a small hole in the fabric! I always look for flaws when I’m pressing my yardage but, somehow, missed this! I was really upset but, since I had nothing to lose, I thought I’d try to fix it. Because this fabric is really drapey and the pattern is busy I decided that making a small fisheye dart over the hole would be the best solution.

I sewed out from the center, tapering to nothing at each end with very small stitches. I didn’t backtack but instead sewed right off the edge of the fabric. I then dotted a little Fraycheck directly on the hole.


After pressing, the mend isn’t noticeable at all! I marked the ends of the little dart with pins so you could see.


Granted, I still know it’s there (and I’m not at all happy about that) but I wore it yesterday and had a hard time finding the mend so I’ll continue to wear it as long as it lasts. I also decided to add some ties to the sleeves.


We stayed in last night because my honey didn’t feel well. While he watched football I cut out a hot pink silk blouse. I’ve had this silk for over 15 years. I purchased it when, sniff, the old Cloth World on State Road 7 closed. Oh, the many happy hours I spent there in high school fondling fabric and looking through pattern books! I knew I had some hot pink MOP buttons in my collection but I didn’t have enough – and no way to ‘make it work’. I am totally disgusted with JoAnn’s button selection. I refuse to put a plastic button on a silk blouse so I’m going to try dyeing some to match. If that doesn’t work out I’ll order some from MJ Trimmings. I have hundreds of natural MOP shirt buttons so I’ll experiment with that this week. I meant to pick up a bottle of RIT when I was at Publix but it was such a madhouse that I forgot.


I also pressed my beautiful cotton that I bought from Ann a couple of months ago. I found the perfect pattern for it which I’ll hopefully fit this afternoon.


I bought some industrial velvet feet since I didn’t have a set. You can’t really see in the photos but they have a V bottom so as not to mar the fabric. I’m most interested in them for ditch stitching since I haven’t really found the perfect foot for that.



And, I ended up wearing my white dotted Swiss blouse to the football game on Friday and received soooo many compliments. I like it more every time I wear it!



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10 responses to “The Week in Review

  1. Not a wonder, that you get so many compliments on the Swiss dot blouse. It’s really nice and nobody will see the mending of the Paisley. Well done too (too bad, that there was a hole in the first place!)

  2. Clap clap clap clap clap….the white fabric from Ann is the project I’ve been waiting for!

  3. Karen Minturn Brown

    self-covered buttons for the hot pink silk?

  4. katharinec

    My goodness, that fisheye dart is invisible to the onlooker! *Good save* because otherwise, that is so frustrating. Love the new fabric lineup, and good on you for cutting into fabric with long legs in your memory. Staying tuned for what comes next.

  5. vernonfashionstudio

    Love the white cotton and can’t wait to see what you make from it.

    Linda T

  6. NICE save on the paisley top, Gigi !

    Looking forward to what you do with the white cotton…

  7. LisaB

    Gigi, what name does that first foot go by? I could use something for ditch stitching for my industrial as well, and I’ve never seen a foot like that before.

    Love the fisheye dart fix!

  8. TECarter

    Check your local thrift store for (ugly or torn or stained or whatever) top quality blouses and use those buttons! We have only JoAnn here west of the Blue Ridge Mtns. and I get many “supplies” at the thrift stores. Besides buttons from blouses and shirts, I buy suede and leather skirts to cut up for trim and mitten palms, and various old backpacks and other bags for straps, clips and hardware. Cheap, easy, good causes. And it’s my only alternative to on-line…