The Things We Forget to Sew

I had a major panic as I was packing my suitcase last week: No Swimsuit Coverup. Eek! I had intended to make one. Really, I had. Along with a colorful pillow case for my travelling down pillow (which I left at a hotel – again). I just can’t walk around the hotel in a swimsuit. I just feel so… Luckily, my closet produced a never-worn Betsey Johnson tunic/mini-dress thing that would work. I think I found it cheap someplace and intended to shorten it into a top (which, naturally, never happened) so at least I was saved this time…

Then, today, I had the most wonderful lunch with Phyllis before her return to Massachusetts tomorrow. Of course, we talked sewing! And more sewing! I told her about the fabulous vintage beach coverup pattern I’d missed on Etsy. It reminded me so much of the coverup Lucy wore when the Ricardos and the Mertzes were in California. The one with the giant “LR” monogram on it. I’d been distracted that day and it disappeared forever.

Sometimes, I can be like a Terrier with these things so I immediately came home this afternoon and started searching Etsy and Ebay. I didn’t find The Pattern – or anything remotely similar – but I did find this:


And I like it a lot! This will be so pretty in a nice gauzy cotton or crinkled silk; something really light for the hottest days of the year. I’ll look so chic in my giant Panama hat and movie-star sunglasses! Phyllis, I promise I will wear some pretty flats and not high-heeled mules and a cigarette holder (although that does sound pretty glam…)!



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10 responses to “The Things We Forget to Sew

  1. Whats not to love- great pattern.

  2. That pattern is awesome. I’d wear the short version in a knit with jeans and a singlet.

  3. Totally awesome!! Great for coverups at the pool!

  4. I love that pattern….It looks like it would be easy, but it so pretty!

  5. Great pattern! I always leave my traveling pillows behind, unless they are in bright bright pillowcases.

  6. I made that cover-up many years ago – when the pattern wasn’t considered vintage!!! Boy, do I feel old, now. LOL Thanks for the memory!!

  7. Fantastic pattern! I need something like that for when we go on vacation later this month.

  8. Lindsay T

    Could I have made that in the 70s? Looks familiar. Absolutely perfect for a beach coverup. I did the same thing—went to the beach yesterday and forgot to bring a hat and coverup.

  9. Gigi and I got into this fun discussion because my daughters (who both have beautiful dancer figures they work hard for) remarked how shocked they were that people rode up and down the elvators in their bathing suits! Not pretty people either – flabby people. The only thing worse than being in a confined elevator with swimsuit clad people is seeing them grocery shopping in their bathing suits – euuww!

  10. Migdalia

    I just love it…lightweight linen, absolutely FABUlous!!!