When to say When

I wore my new tops made from Kwik-Sew 3616 this past week and decided that I am totally in love with this pattern! And, BTW, the mismatch at the center front of my paisley top was not noticeable in the least once it was on – yay!

When you are short, as I am, volume is a little tough to wear as there is always the risk that it will overwhelm. The nice thing about this top is that it’s fitted through the torso to balance out the volume of the sleeves. The sleeves are also a dream to wear when it’s hot and humid as they allow for air circulation.

I would love many more of these tops but how many is too many? How different can I make them look? Will everyone notice that it’s the same pattern? Or is it just something that we notice because we sew?

As I was putting laundry away this morning, I realized that I tend to be a multi-buyer in RTW as well. When I find something I like, I buy it in every color. I am thinking this might be one of my weird OCD traits – or am I just being practical?

How many times do you make a favorite pattern? Does anyone ever notice?



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  1. JoanneM

    OMG! ( as my children would say)
    I am the original “repeat offender’. My PR’s attest to this habit. But I am very okay with it. A basic long sleeve T pattern in many colors,and a tried and true skirt shape in different fabrics,scallop edges,fabric weights etc.It is all good! As long as you mix it up now and then!

  2. Yeah, they do if they like the top. I made about 4 of the HP Sunshine weekender top and my physical therapist loved the first one, and each of the others that she saw. I was wearing them because it was easy to get to my shoulder, so it could be that that she only noticed because every time she saw me I was wearing one of course! This top will look very different in a plain fabric or a different print so hey, go for it if you really like it.

  3. I say make as make as many as you want! Using different fabrics, different patterns and prints will make the normal person unaware of the fact that you have made the same top 12 times…at least that’s the theory I use to repeatedly remake my favorite TNT patterns!

    Would love to see some pics of you wearing the tops?! *hint, hint*

  4. I make some things a few times, but I’m not a TNT type of gal. I like the challenge of trying out something completely new, while still admiring folks like Carolyn who can make the same pattern look completely different just by changing the fabrication and details.

  5. Nancy

    I say if it works, go with it. I am the same way with my RTW purchase (shoes, bra’s). I get as many as I can that fit and feel good, in as many different colours as possible.

    I do the same with my sewing for my “basic” wardrobe. I have about three TNT patterns that I have made up in different fabrics, with different embellishments and most people don’t have a clue that its the same pattern.

    Like I said, if it works, run with it. Isn’t that the joy of being able to make your own – it fits and makes you happy?


  6. I’m still using some Stretch and Sew patterns from the 70’s, one being my all-time favorite, Tshirt. I’ve redesigned that pattern so many times.

  7. elena

    It’s such a matter of individual taste, personally, I have always wondered why you want SO many polyester knit tops, but thats what you enjoy making, so I would say its entirely your call. I once made a cotton skirt pattern 4 times and thats a personal record for me.

  8. I’m with JoAnneM, I am a repeat offender for sure. I made Simplicity 2766 four times. I had to control the rotation of wearing them, and today used a different pattern, New Look 6892. Honestly, it has the same lines, but heck what can I say they work flawlessly with majority of my existing garments. BTW Loooooove the blouse and definitely make another one.

  9. vernonfashionstudio

    I have a knit pattern I have made twice and that is a record for me. I even plan to make it again. I just changed the neckline a bit in the second one and redesigned the pattern abit because the way they had it put together was stupid.

    I like all my clothes to be different and I like to try different patterns. As a Plus Size there aren’t too many to choose from so as I go along it may be a challenge to find different looking patterns.

    But this is just personal preference. I can see that it might be nice to have a pattern you can count on to fit well and look different each time you make it.

    Linda T

  10. Please…I made four turtlenecks this year and all I changed was the color – not a print in sight! but I hardly even notice that I’m doing it. I’ve got a Vogue wrap top that I’ve now made ummm four times? And I’m not convinced that it actually even looks good on me. I say sew what you’re inspired to sew and don’t worry about it!

  11. I have been known to make and buy the same thing in multiple colors, over and over again, so I say go for it. Besides, especially with prints, I don’t think anyone would really remark on that unless it was a pretty dramatic top.

  12. We all have our favourite patterns. Mine is this jumper dress that I love from Kwik Sew. It is fun to remake them and see how each one turns out.

  13. Phyllis

    Oh yes – I do this when I buy RTW as well as in sewing. I have have no little time to sew and shop that I need to maximize the pay back! Plus I hate seeing clothes in my wardrobe that I seldom wear.

  14. Guilty! I ‘m a repeat offender in RTW and sewing. It’s nice to have TNT patterns so that you can whip something up quickly and easily. Not that it prevents me from buying new patterns!

    It’s also nice when I find something in RTW that works. I tend to buy in multiples because they’re here today and gone tomorrow. Gotta get them while they exist.

  15. Sally

    I say make it as many times as you’d like. Why argue with success! Jackie O was famous for finding a garment she liked and buying that one in every color. The only difference is you’re creating the garment. Pictures please? Sally

  16. Will everyone know it’s the same pattern – Absolutely NO!!!! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made up a fav pattern, and people just don’t see it – well unless they sew a lot, but even then, from that group it’s mostly admiration and not “let’s take up a collection so she will get a new pattern” look!!!!

    I say make it up as many times as you like, course it will be hard to beat this gorgeous look – one of my fav things to do is match, and how cool is this look you have on this top!

  17. Once I work the kinks out, I’ll mak eteh same pattern many,many times. So far no one has noticed. I change each one a little bit, different fabric, sleeves tec. Most peopoe can’t tell, you know. Just us sewing people

  18. I’ve used the same Built by Wendy jeans pattern 13 times in the last two years to make pants, capris and shorts. I like one pair of jeans more than the rest, so I wear them almost every day.