Decision on Burda WOF

Well, after thinking it over a lot, I have decided to let my WOF subscription lapse for now. I will instead buy individual issues of WOF, Knipmode and Patrones. I’ve already purchased two Knippies this week and feel that, while I may spend more overall, I’ll end up with more issues that I really love and will use.



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11 responses to “Decision on Burda WOF

  1. Beth

    Where do you buy individual issues of WOF? I haven’t been able to find them.

  2. Beth, I have purchased them from Josephine’s Dry Goods in Portland and from GLP News. You can also find them on Ebay.

  3. Gemma

    Good decision. I recently purchased 5 Knipmode mags out of The Netherlands. Shipping was expensive and I am right next door but I love the fashion forward styles.
    Now you will have a whole variety to choose from instead of just Burda.

  4. cidell

    Actually, I’m thinking of giving mine up too next time. I adore BWOF. But, today I managed to draft from a Mrs. Stylebook (1/2 scale) and realized it took me as much time as it does to make a BWOF. Plus, the two subscriptions would cost me $200 and I’ve got five years worth to sew from.

  5. Diane

    Hello Gigi. Would you write a bit about interfacings and stablizers. How and when are they used, what types are used for different types of fabrics, advanatages, etc. Your expertise would be greatly appreciated. I’m wondering, for example, which weights to use for jersey knits, poly-knits, cottons (I’m sewing scrubs-tops for myself), etc., and I’ve yet to find perfection. Thanks for taking the time to answer. Your friend in Michigan – Diane

  6. Yeah, this is what I do – afterall, how many more magazines do I really need to store? It gets crazy after a while.

  7. Most designs can be copied by looking at the technical drawing online. Either drafting the pattern from the beginnig, or using an existing pattern that has similar lines and copying design lines.

  8. I can’t imagine not have a subscription to BWOF. Even, if I could buy single issues, I’d probably buy every issue anyway!

  9. OP Gal

    I’ve given up my BWOF too. I found I just wasn’t using any of the patterns. I’m still getting Ottobre Woman. I’m not sure if I’ll renew. I second the request to write about interfacings.

  10. Hilary McDaniel

    I gave up my sub.last yr. and wouldn’t you know, I’m still trying to find the July issue. I can’t seem to find single issues, so I resubed this yr. Now,I’ve seen NOTHING I want to make again so this is really my final yr. They just keep repeating or it’s a “under 30” fashion.

  11. Chantal

    Hi, I started to sew recently and I really like some of the patterns in the Burda magazines. As an ex-susbcriber of this magazine, do you know, or have you noticed if they publish a pattern twice. I’ve missed a few good patterns, because I didn’t buy the issue, now they are sold out, but I was wondering in general if after a certain time, you can see the same pattern again, in a different fabric maybe?