Threads – to subscribe or not to subscribe?

I have been a Threads subscriber since Day One. Admittedly, those first few issues did little to excite me – too many fiber arts, not enough sewing – so I tossed them out. Then, of course, I had to spend quite a lot of time hunting down those issues to fill out The Collection! I treasure each and every issue and refer to them often.


So, now my subscription has expired and I’m on the fence about whether to renew or not. Don’t get me wrong, even with all of the changes, I still love Threads and would not want to miss a single issue! But, since Taunton Press did away with the wrapper, nearly every issue I’ve received in the past year has been damaged. I will not add a damaged issue to The Collection, period. Yes, I know I can get a replacement copy but it is often so long before the current issue is added to that section of the website that I forget about it and end up having to repurchasing it because I’ve missed the window of opportunity for getting a replacement (my high school English teacher would have a field day with that sentence!). So now I’m thinking it might be less trouble to just pick up a copy at JoAnn’s, where I can be assured of a pristine copy every time… On the other hand, I rarely go into JoAnn’s which means I’ll have to mark my calendar as a reminder. Bah!



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  1. Subscribe! I’ve only been reading for almost a year now but I LOVE their magazine!!!

  2. You should call the customer service. When I used to subscribe and received damaged issues, they would send out a new one. Usually in an envelope. But definitely let them know how you feel!

  3. vespabelle

    I’m guessing it’s an issue with your postal area because my (Portland delivered) copies are always in great shape.

    I too keep all my Threads. I track them down (even the old ones with mega shoulder pads and weaving articles!) at estate sales, thrift stores, and used book stores.

  4. Clearly you need to move abroad! 🙂 My copy comes in a manilla envelope, spotless, and (from what I can tell online) before it even hits the newsstands in the US. And with the current dollar discount, it was cheap enough to just buy two years’ worth and not worry about any future exchange rate fluctuations…

  5. I’d forward your posting to Threads customer service. Clearly this is an issue with your local postal carrier, but perhaps Taunton Press would have some way to complain to your postmaster.

    Also don’t hesitate to contact USPS’ customer service. Although I found it a bit frustrating at first (see my blog), I did end up with a good customer service experience. If you contacted them, perhaps a supervisor would let the carrier know that you need to have your magazines handled better. Does this just happen with Threads or other magazines, too?

  6. I have been subscribing to Threads since year two. True, I am missing a few issues (a couple were loaned out and who knows if he still has them), but I never hesitate to re-subscribe. If “Clean House” or “Clean Sweep” were to come to my home tomorrow, I can honestly say that “Yes; I do read each issue over and over.” Every couple of years I start at the beginning and re-read all of the issues, all 130 of them, give or take.

  7. I hear ya. I can get Threads at my local grocery store. Maybe there are other sources near you besides JoAnn’s. How about Borders or B&N?
    Good luck.

  8. Thank you all for your good ideas! All of the other magazines I subscribe to are shipped in plastic bags so they arrive in great condition. Maybe I’ll try buying my Threads at B&N and see how that goes – there is one right near my house and I go there regularly.

  9. Heather

    I don’t know if moving abroad will help. My copy comes in a heat sealed plastic envelope (international shipping) yet, I once received a copy with the back cover badly damaged. I wrote an email to Taunton and explained that the magazine must have been damaged before it was placed in the envelope as there was no sign of damage on the envelope.
    I received a replacement copy quickly, and all has been well since.

    Some people get theirs from Amazon, maybe they do better packaging and you don’t have to worry about marking your calendar.

  10. That is a problem. I let my subscription lapse so long ago because I could always get them faster by buying locally. I get them at B&N or Borders, and if they’re all sold out, then I make a special trip to Joanns.

  11. Karla

    I’m a part-time Threads subscriber : a year or two of subscription, then a year or two of buying it at the bookstore, repeat from “:” Subscription copies arrive much sooner than the magazines at the bookstore, so much (im)patience is involved, but either way, I get the magazine. If pristine is important, get yours at the bookstore. (If pristine is important, don’t look at my dog-eared, coffee-ringed, post-it-noted, lost-under-the- sofa for 3 months issues. You’d find them upsetting. )

  12. Maybe you need to talk to the subscription department at Threads…I am an international subscriber and mine arrives in a plastic wrapper. Any back orders I get arrive in a cardboard envelope. Customs must be getting a little suspicious about all my sewing related mail, because they opened the last one for a quarantine check! So if Threads can wrap for international orders, surely they could wrap for yours.

  13. I didn’t renew, and I LOVE making a ritual out of cruising my book store each month for the latest issue, add to that a little coffee and I have a little European cafe moment in my crazy life!