I Love Ricky!

My sadness over losing the Desi Arnaz apron auction didn’t last long! Last week, the same seller listed another copy and, you guessed it, tonight I am the lucky winner! Woohoo! Ricky and Lucy – together again.

A few people have asked me if I intend to make these patterns up. Hmmmm, not unless I can persuade my darling husband to barbeque in a shirt and tie. Me? Well, I don’t cook much. I intend to frame copies of the envelopes and then tuck the patterns themselves into acid free bags for safekeeping.



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5 responses to “I Love Ricky!

  1. Frame the envelopes… (lightbulb moment) I love it! Doesn’t just the thought of that pair, Ricky and Lucy, bring a smile?

  2. ShannonG

    Have you seen the Lucille Ball clothing at http://www.thefrock.com? I could just see you prancing around after buying one of those dresses!:)

  3. Oh yes! I visit them periodically. 🙂 The red Balenciaga suit is TDF. But, imagine how many Lucy patterns I could buy with that much $$. 😉

  4. sue v

    When the auction closed, I heard the familiar phrase: “Lucy, I’m home”.

  5. Ah! I see my earlier comment question is answered here!