Opinions, please!

This is the embroidered linen I had planned to use for another version of Simplicity 2443 (Cynthia Rowley jacket).


Now, LindsayT has me thinking about cotton pique. What I really want is some white bull’s eye pique but these are the two pieces I have in my collection so…

Hot pink waffle pique with silver hooks:


Abstract print pique with jumbo silver hooks:


I really loved this print when I bought it but do you think it looks dated? I’ve probably had it for ten years.

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34 responses to “Opinions, please!

  1. Pink is my fave though I like the linen too. I do think that the bottom pique with the print looks dated.

  2. Caitlin

    I don’t think the silver hooks do anything for the pink. I think they look much better with the print. I don’t think the print looks dated, although I’m not sure what “dated” means. I didn’t look at it and immediately think it belonged to a particular era. Either you like something or you don’t.

  3. gia

    just depends on what you like as caitlin says, they are so darn different. both bright pink and fun graphic would make stmts so that’s really fun. I’d swap the hardware though… thx for asking

  4. Colleen P.

    I think the print does look a bit “80’s paint splatter”; That said, I think the hooks you’re showing with the pink would look better with the print. I ADORE the embroidered linen, it’s SO ladylike!

    I think a different sort of hook and eye, a bit more heavy, would look good with the hot pink-a grommet on one side and a push through twist bar type of thing? (I know there’s a term for this but naturally when I reach for it, it escapes me). Definitely in silver-tone.

  5. My vote is for the pink! The white linen is gorgeous, though…

  6. I must be the odd duck here, as I really, really like the Calder-inspired print. Rather than looking dated, to me it looks retro, fun and playful!

  7. Colleen P.

    LOL-Suzy I love the print, but retro is usually only cute on someone that didn’t wear it the first time around (like me…)

  8. I like the embroidered linen and think it would make an awesome jacket…and no the prints not dated…just not right for this jacket IMHO. It will be interesting to see which one you decide on.

  9. I vote for the linen, too. I do like the other choices, but for something else.

  10. I think the print is straight out of the 80s and I was someone who wore it the first time it came around. My mother always says, if you wore it the first time it came around, don’t wear it again. I love the first two. Maybe try to find a frog or a really large metal connector? Those little hooks just don’t do much for me. To me they say “stay hidden on the inside.”

  11. I love the hot pink pique!

  12. I like the pink pique, but I don’t love the silver hooks. Perhaps something pewter or brushed? I LOVE that linen, but I think it need something a little more ladylike, and that jacket is so much more structured. I see princess seams and a peplum with that linen.

  13. Julia

    I love the print – you’ll be able to wear it with everything. I don’t think it’s dated.

  14. Sally

    I’m in favor of the linen. I actually think the pink looks dated and I like the print.

  15. ruth

    i like all three, but in this order: the white linen – cool and clean looking for summer; the print – fun looking and casual but still clean and clear looking because of the white background and the pink because it looks like a classy fabric. i am not sure if the cool classic embroidered white linen would look right with a jacket with so many ‘hard’ angles in the pockets, but hard to say definately when only seeing a snap shot.

  16. I LOVE the hot pink. With a summer tan,or hint of one,it will be lovely. The white linen is very elegant but may wrinkle, the pique has a crisper look. The paint splatter……nope.

  17. susan, canberra, australia

    I’m with the Suzy and not just in name – the last but with the pink linen hooks. How about some reverse psychology. If I said you can’t have the pink, for example, would you shout No, No, I must! – then you have your answer – and it might be all three :)

  18. I love the hot pink and the white one.

  19. I am with a couple others, the pink looks more 80’s/dated to me. Of course, I did have a pink suit in the 80’s that exact color – LOL. I don’t think the print looks dated – the style will determine that. The linen is absolutely lovely. Happy sewing!

  20. I like the abstract print. I don’t think it looks dated at all.


    O.K. So you want an honest opinion. The Cythia Rowley pattern is ugly and old fashioned. Don’t get me wrong, your sewing is simply the best I have ever seen and I have been following you for a long time and this PATTERN is quite simply UGLY. Even in the leather, it looks dated. Your lovely white linen embroidered fabric would be best suited to a classic shirt design. Can’t wait to see what you sew next…..you give so much inspiration to others! If only I could sew as beautifully as you do…..cheers

  22. Elle

    I like the linen and the pique, I would choose depending on which you would wear more. No to the print, IMO it looks dated.

  23. I love pink, always, but not so sure pink is the in color these days. I think coral is more current. I love that print, but I see it more as a contrast with either a white or black.(Check out this jacket at Nordstroms: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/3095363/0~2376776~2374327~2374375~2381291?mediumthumbnail=Y&origin=category&searchtype=&pbo=2381291&P=1)

    And I mean this next comment very respectfully as I have the utmost respect and admiration for you and your work: I also have to second Lexley Wright – Everyone is raving over that Cynthia Rowley jacket and I don’t get why. I think it’s boxy and ugly and with your tiny waist, I don’t think it does you any favors, although I’ve not seen it on you.

    I’m not a fan of the embroidered linen though. I think that is more dated than anything.

    • Claire, that jacket is lovely – I can see how mixing this pique print with a solid would make it look so much better!

      Honestly, the CR jacket is much more flattering and shapely than the envelope would suggest. I like it even more than I thought I would since this isn’t something I’d normally choose.

  24. Pam

    I would switch the print hooks to the pink waffle fabric. The print needs something very simple and understated.

    I love the linen but I found I can’t wear such a big pattern if you under 5’3″.

    The pink would be beautiful with a light tan.

  25. Lindsay T

    A) I love your finished jacket!

    B) I like any of the fabrics you’re considering, including the print.

    C) Huh? This Cynthia Rowley jacket is ugly and dated?! I don’t get those commenters. It’s cute on and who cares what they think. Go ahead and make a gazillion more of them, I say!

  26. I think the print looks a bit like upholstery fabric. I love the white embroidered linen piece. I’d stick with that.

  27. summersetbanks

    I think the print is dated, the pink is in the same color family as the purple jacket you just made, and the white is just perfect. It will be crisp, yet interesting with the embroidery.

  28. JustGail

    my first choice would be the linen.

    while the pattern fabric might be dated, as long as you avoid making an 80’s inspired pattern, it would be good.

    the hot pink – I don’t know why, but I think of the 80’s on that one also.

    and I do agree that the hooks should be reversed, the pattern needs something a *bit* bolder to stand up to the print. But not too bold or you might veer off into costume again.

  29. Kathy


    I love the white. I’ve been looking for white embroidered linen myself and it’s difficult to find. I really think the white would be beautiful.

  30. vernonfashionstudio

    I love the pink but then I always go for the pinks and purples and reds. But I would lose the hooks. I do like the linen. It would make a lovely jacket but maybe not for this pattern. The print has a nice vibe but it isn’t right for this project, IMO.

    You are so sweet to ask our opinion. Happy choosing!

    Linda T

  31. I prefer the pink or the white for the jacket. I love the print, but I see it in that jacket only if you lose some of the details. With the print, all four pockets, plus tabs would be “too much look.”

  32. I love that print at the bottom and think it would look great in a “Jeans Jacket” style versus the Cynthia Rowley pattern. In fact, if you decide you don’t want it, I’ll offer to purchase it from you!! :-)

  33. I agree, the silver hook would match better with the printed one.