What’s summer without madras?

The fabric and the drink! So, I’ve been lusting over these fabulous patchwork cottons over at Gorgeous Fabrics since Ann posted them.

A few days ago, Ann made this fresh and pretty plaid skirt and then today Phyllis posted this beautiful shirt. I swear, Phyllis, you read my mind! I was looking at them yesterday – trying to make a decision – and thinking that the Vari-Print would make a great summer shirt. I had better make up my mind soon because you know the mad dash that ensues when we see a fabric sewn up!

I’ve narrowed it down to Vari-Print


and Tutti-Fruity (at least I think I have…)


Check out the cool link that Phyllis just sent me!

And, (non-sewing-related) it’s “just like a big diamond!”. That was the Ebay seller’s description and he was right. I’ve been looking at these cut-glass knobs for awhile but they were pretty expensive ($12-15 each). Since I needed nine for my vanity I decided to look around some more. Then last week I found a seller in China who had them, with shipping, for just over $3 each. And, yippee skippee, they really are beautiful. Right now I’m sure you’re thinking “cut glass with travertine? rustic with refined?”. What can I say? I like the juxtaposition of casual/dressy, rough/smooth. I haven’t put them on yet but what’s the worst that can happen? I don’t have much invested and can always save them for something else. Honestly, if I could buy the old glass door knobs I’d get them too – how fun would that be?


If you’re looking for knobs like this, the seller’s name is Valen0311. Here is a link. Shipping was pretty quick too.

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12 responses to “What’s summer without madras?

  1. kbro

    Drop dead gorgeous. I love old with new, smooth with rough – it keeps things from looking too slick. If you care to share the seller just shoot me an email. I have been looking for something similar, but the price has always stopped me and I haven’t been able to find enough used.
    Along the same lines, over the years I have accumulated a number of sets of glass door knobs. When I redo my bedroom drapes later this spring (waiting on fabric) I am using them as the finials on the drapery poles. Have done a test one and it is fabulous! Plus, they can always be pulled off and used as doorknobs again.

  2. Those knobs! They’re fabulous and will look great with travertine. I love unexpected juxtapositions of things like that.

    I also adore the vari-print madras. It’s a little different than the madras I’m used to.

  3. The vari-print was also on my list…I just *love* the 30’s patterns and colors. And those knobs(!)… well I live in a mid-century modern house but I rally do love faceted glass of any kind.

    • I was telling Bryan about your house tonight. My house *was* MCM (this model was called the Contempra!) but I gave it a Mediterranean touch when I bought it 22 years ago. If I were to buy it again today I’d just rip all the tacky crap out and give it a *good* MCM decor like yours which would be more in keeping with the style of the home.

  4. Stephaie

    Oooh Gigi, this is bling for vanity drawers! Love it. My Grandmother used to have crystal knobs on her marbled laminex vanity in the 70’s which was stylish for the day. I love how you have updated this look and watch with fascination as you rebuilt your bathroom from hole in the wall warzone style, to chic and stylish.

  5. Claire

    Gigi, those knobs are beautiful! I grew up in a house with all glass doorknobs, and I sure wish I had them in my house now. Have you checked Restoration Hardware for the glass knobs? They would probably be expensive, but worth it perhaps?

    I love the bathroom and can’t wait to see the finished product. ;o)

  6. JustGail

    Beautiful knobs, I’d use them with travertine too. I guess I wasn’t aware that travertine was a “rustic” stone. But then, I haven’t had the need to learn such things.

  7. Leslie in Austin

    Love the knobs, and I believe Candice Olson would approve as well. :-) We have vintage (original) glass door knobs throughout our home and they make me happy every time I see them. I hope you find the same joy!

  8. There’s nothing like a beautiful madras plaid-so comfy!

  9. Meredith P

    Love the knobs and the madras. I wish I were not on a recession induced fabric moratorium.