Moving right along…

My friend G came over last week and helped me (okay, he did all the work while I fetched stuff) install new junction boxes for the strip lights. I’m so happy those eyeball lights are gone! We also removed the old ’70s-era heat lamp. I dabble a bit in minor electrical work so I was very happy to watch and learn something a little more complicated. G was right, it’s not hard. I’m building my confidence bit by bit – I even installed seven motion-sensor floodlights around the perimeter of my house this past Sunday!


My tile is supposed to be delivered tomorrow and then my friend Jim is coming over on Thursday to work on the layout. He brought me over some samples of different Travertine tiles that he wants to work into the design. I love the big, fat slab of marble that he’s going to use as the base of my niches. Lucky me, they are remnants left over from other jobs!


I had a few mosaic borders in my garage. I like them and may see if we can somehow incorporate them into the design without it getting too busy.


I also received a package from Ann last week. The photo really doesn’t do this fantastic Chanel fabric justice! I’m not sure yet which jacket pattern I’ll use but I have lots of time to decide. This is about the only sewing-related thing happening around here right now, I’m sad to say. I’ve not made much progress on the Cynthia Rowley jacket but I’m holing myself up in my sewing room tomorrow night to work on it. I expect the house to be mostly finished in the next couple of weeks and am looking forward to getting back into my old routine.


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2 responses to “Moving right along…

  1. Sally

    Nice to see you blogging again. I hope you’re going to give us a tour when all is said and done. Sally

  2. Sharon

    Really gorgeous. Both tile and fabric!