Merry Christmas!


We’re having Apfelpfannekuchen and Mimosas for breakfast – yum! Christmas dinner is at my house this year and I’ll be serving the usual fare: prime rib of beef, roasted potatoes and Yorkshire pudding seasoned with wine and good cheer. I’ll be hanging out with friends and family over the next few days but I’ll be back in the sewing room next week!

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14 responses to “Merry Christmas!

  1. Summerset

    Merry Christmas! Here’s the deviled egg recipe:

    24 hard-cooked eggs
    1 cup crumbled blue cheese
    2/3 cup mayonnaise
    2T. minced fresh parsley
    1 ts. hot pepper sauce
    1/2 ts. celery seed
    1/2 ts. pepper

    slice the eggs in half lengthwise; resmove the yolks and set whites aside. In a bowls, mash yolks with a fork. Add the blue cheese, mayonnaise, parsley, hot pepper sauce, celery seed and pepper; stir until well blended. Evenly fill the whites, Refrigerate eggs until serving.

    This recipe can halved or quartered for fewer eggs.

  2. June

    Gigi! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your site- I have spent hours reading your posts the past few days. Once upon a time I had a sewing business and my own line of clothing for tall plus-size ladies, which I was at one time! Now, 200 pounds later, 6 years, and a contentious divorce I am getting my dewing groove back. I went to college, got a new career, and managed to hang on to MOST of my commercial machines- yayyyy! I lost my beloved “Esmarelda”- my plus-size Wolf form, but next week I have a brand-new size 16 (yay me!) form coming and I can hardly wait. I just got my sewing room set up after lugging around 4 commercial machines, hundreds of cones of thread, and my dear Bernina 1230! I have been buying almost-fitting RTW for the past years (I say ALMOST because I am 6′ tall) and now am ready to start creating what I really want instead of relying on what I can find hanging on a rack in a store and hoping that it will somehow miraculously fit me. Plus, I am 54 and love love love tailored stuff, made beautifully, and with lovely fabric. Dreaming, aren’t I?? LOL. Again, that is where my sewing and design skills come in handy. I do know how to fit my body but I am having to start a whole new fabric and pattern stash (woohoo!). I can’t remember where I came across the link to this website but I am glad I did. It is nice to know that there are others out there who share my passion for fabric and thread. Today (Christmas) I was alone since my older daughter (with whom I share a house) left for the holidays so I have spent the whole day doing exactly what I wanted- reading sewing blogs, baking, and sewing! I tried out a new neckline on my favorite L/S tee, with mixed results. What I envisioned was a circular ruffle but my math skills were off and I would up having to gather the ruffle. A little clownish, but passable- LOL. Thankfully I used a 4.00 piece of white knit so not much was lost if it ends up in the scrap pile. meanwhile, I will check my math and try again! Geez Louise I didn’t mean to ramble on– I really did have a purpose in writing you. The other day I saw a RTW knit top with an interesting embellishment on the neckline. They used 5 silvertone flat rings and wove the fabric threw them and drew it up- can you get the picture? It was black and the silvertone rings were lovely. Since I am blonde and wear lots of black and mostly silver jewelry I would love to reproduce something like this. My problem is that I cannot find the damn rings! I have tried googling just about every word I can think of but have gotten nowhere. Years ago I had a long list of suppliers but again, that was lost in the divorce- lol. Can you help me? Oh, and now that I have gotten back into sewing I am chocked at how few brick-and-mortar stores are still alive and well. The only store we have in my area (northwest Arkansas) is Hancocks and they have very little that interests me. So, once again, I am on the hunt for fabric online. I really love putting my hands on the fabric- that is what inspires the design. For some people the pattern comes first- me, I see the fabric and invision what to make from it. Seeing a swatch online just doesn’t stir my creative juices since the color on my monitor is probably off and I can only imagine the scale of the design. Anyway, again, I digress- LOL. If you can point me in the direction for the rings I appreciate it. At any rate, I am now a loyal follower of your writings! You rock!

    June Hess

  3. June

    Sorry about all the typos- I really can spell- I just hope you could interpret what I meant to say- lol!


  4. Betsy

    I am so glad to see someone else had Yorkshire pudding with their roast beast! I was the only one at the table who knew what it was, and I couldn’t even describe it as one really big popover because they didn’t know what a popover was either. Sheesh. And yes, I am the one who did (and does) most of the cooking …

  5. Martha Rushing

    Just wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed reading your sewing blog this year! You are so inspiring and HELPFUL with all the close up photos of your beautiful sewing. None of my friends sew or even care to, and the blogs at least make me feel more connected with other sewists. A very demandng full time job and family leaves me little sewing time, so I have to choose wisely what I sew. Thank you so much for your inspiration throughout the year! And please don’t stop! Happy New Year

    Martha Rushing
    Northwest MS

  6. June

    Gigi, just wanted you to know that I had to go get 4 Kwik Sew patterns tonight, all because of your beautiful photos! Also, I went to the Sal. Army to see if there was anything I could ‘repurpose’ and I found a long black leather skirt for 10 bucks which will give me lots of leather to play with! I have never sewn with leather before but I am sure that I can be fearless and do it- lol. Last night I was going through my closet where I keep my “too big and hope they never fit me again” clothes and I found a long-forgotten black wool and lycra skirt that I can use for binding on fleece or whatever- I was so so happy! I was needing a binding for a jacket I am making for my DIL and it was perfect. I will have yards and yards from this one skirt- woohoo! I am looking at my closet and thrift stores in a whole new light! I also ran across a suede jacket that is miles too big and I once considered getting rid of it- now I am going to try and cut it down for the ‘down-sized’ me! Also, I have been looking at vintage sewing machines for a while and even bought a non-working Singer 15-90 just to be able to use the buttonholer. Impatient person that I am, I bid on and won an older Touch and Sew today, complete with the buttonholer, which comes with more keyhple templates- woohoooo! Can you tell I am excited?? Okay, enough yammering- time to get in there and trace off patterns….Girl, you rock!

  7. Hi Gigi – I am in the market for 1-2 industrial machines (a straight stitch heavy duty and a cylinder arm) and I came across Miami Industrial Machines ( on the web. Is this your dealer? I’m having trouble finding good deals on refub machines in Atlanta and am now looking in other cities to try to find a good, reputable dealer.

    Thanks for a great year of blogging! Happy New Year!


    • Hi Ellen! No, my friend owns Azar’s Sewing Center in Davie, FL. I haven’t dealt with Miami Sewing so I don’t know how they are to deal with. Used machines are the toughest because inventory changes constantly – a week ago we had four used walking-foot machines in the shop and now there is just one that’s already promised to someone. Finding a good, used cylinder arm is proving to be nearly impossible. I have been looking for several years and may have to spring for new. Good luck in your search!

  8. June

    Coverstitch cylinder arm or straight-stitch? I have an ancient flat-bed Union Spec. coverstitch and lust for a cylinder bed. Oh, and Gigi, I am not so sure that reading all these blogs is a good thing or not- I keep remembering things that I USED to have in my shop- like my gravity-fed iron that came from the local pants factory when it went out of business, and all my pattern tools- hangers, etc….Damn that divorce. I literally walked away with nothing. Had it not been for my sister buying the industrial machines from him I wouldn’t have them now. I even lost a Featherweight…argh…I had a storage unit full of equipment and fabrics and lost that as well. Oh well- today is a good day- I FINALLY found 2 of my favorite books (lost them as well) that I have been searching for for ages- I couldn’t remember the names but knew that I would recognize the covers if I ever saw them. Found them on Ebay and they are on their way to me- yayyyyy! They are Fairchild books from the FIT and I used them daily when I had my business. I think I need to start my own sewing blog- I am rambling on far too much lately- LOL! I can add it to my baking blog- But it is soooooo nice to ‘talk’ to someone who shares my passion for thread and fabric!

  9. sherrilmiller

    Gigi, I also want to share how much you’ve meant to me over the years. Please visit my blog at to see the Sugar Doll award I’m presenting to you. I hope the new year brings you everything you want. Happy New Year!

  10. Oh yum! I haven’t had Yorkshire pudding in forever! My best friend’s mother made it way back when I was in junior high. Heaven! Sigh… I’m having food envy!

  11. Happy New Year! Here’s a vote for your sewing resolutions for 2010.