Just for you, Ann!

Ann wants to hang ornaments on a real palm tree. Well, here you go, darling, a bit of Christmas cheer from the tropics! But, seriously, it’s 9 p.m. and 85F outside (in the middle of December!) – I’d happily trade it for a few snowflakes. Come to think of it, maybe we should swap house for a week every winter. :-)


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9 responses to “Just for you, Ann!

  1. Oh Gigi, you made my night! I’m getting verklemt!! Hugs and kisses from snowy Beantown.

  2. Gigi

    love the picture, I would like a little warmth;) We are due to have about 4 inches snow

  3. Summerset

    How pretty – brings back a lot of memories of living in FL!

  4. Fun Lights – and what a nice tribute to Ann.

    Meanwhile: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  5. Meredith P

    Did you make those lights yourself? They’re big here in Greensboro, NC. Neighborhoods do them and it’s a lovely sight.

    Sorry, I don’t miss Christmas in Florida at all. Perhaps it’s the lack of fond memories (and the hot flashes) :-)

  6. Lights in palm trees–how cool! It must take one back to see artificial snow in windows when it’s so hot!

  7. Let’s see the whole house!

  8. Teresa

    Seeing the lights on your palm tree brings back many fond memories of our time in Tampa. One neighbor strung green lights on each frond of his palm trees the trunks with white lights. It was quite something to see.

  9. How nice of you – what a wonderful and thoughtful post!!