I’m here!

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I posted. I apologize, life has been a lot more hectic than usual. I’ve been under the weather since the last time I posted and am just now starting to feel semi-normal again. And my friend had a total knee replacement so I’ve been minding his shop (in addition to my regular job) 6 days a week. All I can say is that I’m pretty worn out and very cranky due to hardly having any time to sew. Surely, I’m not the only sewer who becomes rather b*tchy when she can’t get to her machines. Am I right?

Anyway, I have two blouses in progress and am nearly finished with my HP Marakesh pants. I’m not working this Saturday so hopefully I’ll be able to finish up a few things.

This past Saturday, I took the day off and attended a wonderful lecture and trunk show with Louise Cutting at Cynthia’s Fine Fabrics in Tamarac. I’ve seen Louise several times and she is always wonderful and full of ideas and information. As usual, her sample garments were TDF. Everything is impeccably constructed in the finest fabrics. I immediately fell in love with her In The Trenches pattern made up in tomato red linen. I love a trench and, although this is supposed to be a top, it will make the perfect jacket when it’s just a little chilly out. Check out Louise’s sample on her website (you’ll need to scroll about three-quarters of the way down – use your browser back button to return here).

I had a really wonderful time at the seminar and saw a lot of people I haven’t seen in quite some time. I came home energized and ready to get back into my sewing room so stay tuned!

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13 responses to “I’m here!

  1. I was wondering where you were?! :) Glad it’s just life things!!! Can’t wait to see your new garments!

  2. Sally

    So nice to see you back here.

  3. Wow, I found your site from Pins and Needles (Summerset Banks’). I really enjoy your blog! I haven’t sewed for years, mostly for my two little girls who are now in the mid- and early-twenties. I love to craft and cook and write. My blog is kelleyhighway.blogspot.com. Thanks a bunch!

  4. Gigi

    I was just getting hooked on your blog and then you were gone:( I am really glad your back. Your friend is lucky to have you to help out with his store.

  5. Thanks for sharing the summer photos of your yard!

  6. vernonfashionstudio

    I know how tough it is to find time to post when you are busy. I too miss sewing when I have no time or energy to do it. Thanks for sharing Louise Cutting’s website. Her designs are truely inspiring. The Trench style top looks comfy and stylish. You going to make one?

    Linda T

  7. Hope you’re able to get back some sewing time. I totally understand. Nice to see you post (says she who simply doesn’t manage to get posts written lately).
    And, yes, aren’t Louise’s samples the best constructed you’ve ever seen? No looks of horror at the construction when her stuff is passed around. Looking forward to seeing your “in the trenches”

  8. Janine

    Yeah, doing the happy dance because you are back!
    Hope things calm down for you and you can get back to what’s important!

    I thoroughly enjoyed the next day (sit and sew ) with Louise, learning her methods and being in the company of like minded people.
    I highly recommend her workshop. Perfect for seasoned sewists as well as those just starting out.
    It’s worth every dime!

    Can’t wait to see your new creations.

    And BTW, Gigi’s Dotted Swiss top is TOO cute and just perfect for her. One can’t help but smile because the top just looks “happy”!

    Hugs, J

  9. Meredith P

    Glad you are doing OK, if exhausted. I love Louise’s lectures. Used to attend classes at her store when I lived in Florida.

  10. greytone

    You have always been ‘a friend in my head,’ and I was concerned for your health and well-being while you were away.

    I’m so glad you are in good health and will be back to balancing your life to include more time to release you creative energies. (You must be really backed up! lol

    Missed you….looking foreward to admiring your work soon.!

  11. Gigi:

    I apologize for asking this publicly, but I couldn’t find your e-mail address. A while back you had posted some details using your coverstitch machine. I was wondering if you have the threading diagram for this machine?


  12. I can see ho much you enjoyed the seminar. Glad to see your post.