Vintage Belt

I’ve been looking for a wide belt for awhile now. I wanted to make some blouses with more volume but really can’t get away with that look unless I wear a belt. Pickings have been slim everywhere – or maybe I am just too fussy.

I’ve been checking Etsy’s new arrivals daily, hoping that some unique belt would appear. I was very excited to find this today:


Check out the beautiful leather lacing:


I know, it’s borderline crazy but I really like it a lot! I also found this awesome owl buckle for which I will make a belt. I’m always on the lookout for interesting buckles and I just love owls so I couldn’t resist. This buckle is 4″ in diameter and takes a 2″ belt – perfect for jeans.


Best of all, I paid an obscenely small price for these things. Yay, Etsy!

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13 responses to “Vintage Belt

  1. Really cool finds! I’m pondering belts at the moment as well.

  2. The owl is just wonderful, and it will be striking no matter where you put it.

  3. Well I think both of these will look great with those boots you know! *wink*

  4. You will have to model the belts with the intended outfits!

  5. subversivesewer

    Both of those are sooo my aesthetic! Good finds!

  6. Rosesred

    Both are awesome, the first one especially looks very chic and modern in an art deco way. Am very tempted to scour etsy for belts right now ;)

  7. vernonfashionstudio

    Very cool finds. Love the Owl Buckle!

    Linda T

  8. Very cool! Love the belt, and the buckle as well.

  9. Deborah J

    Beautiful…you have such great taste!

  10. Summerset

    Lucky you – those are some great finds!

  11. How is this borderline crazy? That is gorgeous! And, after seeing your turquoise belt, I would have picked it out for you. I love the shape of it. Great find!