It’s always something!

I’m back from my vacation and boy, am I pooped! I was barely back in town for an hour when the you-know-what hit the fan at work. Again. It seems like every week there’s something. Geez, my life was less stressful when I was self-employed!

I really have nothing sewing-related to share with you today except for a photo of this fantastic Adrian costume that I shot at Universal Studios. There were others but the glare on the glass made them difficult to photograph. I had intended to go back once it got dark but forgot about it.

I have no idea which movie this was worn in. If you do, please leave me a comment!


Isn’t this curious? They were growing Sea Island cotton in pots at the Fountain of Youth archeological site in St. Augustine. I never did find out why.


I’ll be back at my sewing machine on Monday. I absolutely have to get some housework done tomorrow and I’m planning on meeting up with Phyllis before she heads home on Monday.

First on my list is a new robe. I made this silk robe in 2003 (I believe the fabric is from Ellen Tracy) and it is shot. It’s been washed so many times that the silk is starting to tear in areas. It’s high time I had something new.


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6 responses to “It’s always something!

  1. Too bad about the robe. I remember when you made it; that fabric is gorgeous. I hope you like the new one just as much!

  2. Good luck in making the new robe…it should be beautiful!

  3. Karla

    Can’t help you with the costume’s origin, but I’m guessing the pots of Sea Island cotton were there to remind visitors that it was once a lucrative crop in the area, along with indigo. (See? Chaperoning my son’s 4th grade field trip taught me something in addition to “never chaperone a field trip.”

    • Karla, of course you are right! I saw indigo plants there as well but didn’t think anything about it. Obviously, I didn’t volunteer to chaperone the field trip so I didn’t know that. ;-)

  4. Paula

    I don’t know that this is where the outfit is from, but it really makes me the of the Road movies with Bob Hope. Glamorous!

  5. pam


    What kind of silk did you buy that you can wash it?