New Fabrics!

Last week Carolyn wrote about Vera Wang Lavendar fabrics at Fabric.Com. Carolyn has very good taste so, naturally, I hopped on over and added three pieces to my cart! My fabrics arrived a couple of days ago and I am very pleased. I exercised some restraint and only bought three pieces: two solid jerseys and the “Scratch” silk twill.


It was the green jersey that started it all. It’s really hard for me to find just the right green and this one appeared to be good. Yes, we do take a chance when ordering online but considering the wonderful pieces I’ve acquired online I gladly take that chance. I’ve been disappointed less than a handful of times and that was long ago in the infancy of internet shopping. Considering the very reasonable prices available online there isn’t much risk involved, IMO.

I also received my fantabulous piece of Instantly Heirloom Cotton from Gorgeous Fabrics – it is so soft and lovely, perfect for a beautiful summer blouse or tunic! I could even see this as the most delicious summer robe for the sweltering Florida heat. Trust me, the photos do not do it justice. Yum!


Ahhhhhh, I really do love adding new fabrics to my collection. It pleases me. :-)

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13 responses to “New Fabrics!

  1. I’m so glad that you were happy with the pieces you bought! I really think that I just got too excited about them and once the dust settles that I will like mine better!

  2. I’m glad you like your VW fabrics. Mine came today and they’re lovely. Of course, mine are mostly wools which you don’t need in S FL.

  3. I saw the instantly heirloom fabric the other day and LOVE it! I think I just may have to get some now!

  4. I love the black and white silk twill. B&W is a bit of a theme for me.

  5. I love that green! And you’re right Gigi, good greens outside of an olive color are hard to find. That color remind of Jadeite, which is the green hue I love the most.

  6. I bought the green too. It’s a beautiful color.

  7. I bought that same silk twill and I think the purple jersey too!

  8. Oooh nice fabrics! Love love love the green…my favorite color.

    ….I resisted…on a ‘fabric diet’ these days!

  9. Great fabrics! I need that white heirloom for the Great White Shirt Sew Along at PR!

  10. Deborah

    I LOVE Their warehouse is located in Marietta, where i live and they have warehouse sales about twice a year. Their customer service is off the charts, too. I bought some fabric I didn’t like and emailed them about returning it. They told me they would credit my account, but I shoudl just keep the fabric & donate it. It was a big markdown item, so I figured they were just trying to get rid of it, but still. I donated it to Goodwill. Other than that one time – and I knew I was taking a chance on that fabric – I have not been disappointed with them. AS you say, we are taking a chance but so far, I have been extremely pleased with online fabric shopping.

  11. Love the fabrics, particularly the white heirloom one from GF. I also like the scratch silk!

  12. Clare

    Check out for some great fabrics at fantastic prices. You can get quite a few free samples first which takes a big risk out of buying online. They also have pretty good close-up photos to see the quality.

  13. Please check out our site: — we have brought together unique boutique NYC fabric shops under one roof.
    We know it is risky buying online, so most of our vendors offer some free samples so you can get to touch, feel and salivate over the fabrics. We also aim to keep the prices really reasonable because one of the great things about sewing is not only creating it yourself, but making something super stylish at a low, low price.
    Anyway, we also have free dressmaker listings and are soon releasing (free) patterns.
    Please do check us out. Also email us with your ideas or suggestions — we really want to hear from people who love fabric.