After being away for a couple of days I was so excited to find some new fabric waiting for me when I got home yesterday afternoon! Yeah, I know I don’t *need* more fabric but my philosophy is to buy it when I see it so that I’ll have it when I need it! Plus, I’m doing my small part to boost the economy. :-) Like most people, I’ve cut back on my spending but I think it’s really important that we continue to buy when we can to keep our favorite vendors in business!


The fabulous black and cream rayon knit on the left is from Gorgeous Fabrics, the two pink rayon knits and the white cherry blossom cotton are from Lucy’s Fabrics. The beautiful heathered green rayon is also from Gorgeous Fabrics. The green knit is the perfect weight for layering so I’ll probably get it in a couple of other colors. You can never have too many good knits in your collection!

I have work to catch up on today after taking some time off last week (and this is a short week already!) so I’m not sure I’ll get any sewing done. I did get up early and patch what seemed like hundreds of holes in the walls of my son’s old room! Bryan has been put on dinner duty this week so that I can start painting the walls tomorrow after work.

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9 responses to “Fabric!

  1. I love your new pieces! And I know what you mean about cutting back on your spending yet wanting to continue to do your part for our fabric vendors!!! :)

  2. Sally

    Lovely fabrics. Can you send Bryan to my house for dinner duty please? Don’t mind cooking–hate menu planning. Sally

  3. Those are some pretty pieces. Make some beautiful things!

  4. cidell

    I heart the cherry blossoms!

  5. Beautiful fabric! What a nice surprise!

  6. Gorgeous fabrics lives up to its name for sure. Great fabric picks.

  7. katharinec

    How lucky you are to find such good knits. Keep taking care of yourself, things always go better when you go in that direction. It’s not just the economy that benefits!

  8. A perfect needle I found that complimented the project is the
    Piecemaker Tapestry Needle made in Japan. Thank you!