The Little Prince’s Room: Redecorating

It’s been nearly a year since my son moved to his own place. His decorating choices in his room here were interesting and caused me to wince every time I walked by.

The Boyfriend’s mother is coming into town next month for her 48th high school reunion and I told her she could stay with me. We still haven’t finished the wood floors in his guest room and concrete is pretty unwelcoming! As a bonus, I thought this would force me to finally get Jess’ room cleaned up.

Last week I had a rare afternoon off from work and decided to tackle the wall unit. It had previously been painted a deep burgundy – something which my son had talked me into because I talked him out of burgundy walls (which is just crazy in a dark, north-facing room!). Let me tell you, I wish I had just painted the walls! The woodwork took four coats of Benjamin Moore self-priming Wood & Metal paint and there is still some touching up to do here and there. I thought I’d never see the last of that burgundy!

I very happily started putting my DVDs and sewing books away last night. Next I’ll be spraying the closet doors white to match (I used this as an excuse to buy a pneumatic spray gun). After I paint the walls, I still have to make a new duvet cover and a couple of pillow shams. All in all, not an unmanageable amount of work.


On the sewing front, I’ve cut down the dress from Kwik-Sew 3616. I had been looking for some interesting coordinate to use for the neckline binding when I discovered that the border from my paisley top matched perfectly (without the orange stripe, of course) – and I have just enough left!


And, BTW, if you’ve tried to call me and I haven’t called you back, the screen on my phone is all wonky again! The insurance company has threatened me with cancellation because I have dropped and ruined so many of these stupid Razrs – I think this is number 5. Which is why I buy an inexpensive phone to begin with!

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6 responses to “The Little Prince’s Room: Redecorating

  1. “I used this as an excuse to buy a pneumatic spray gun”

    A girl can never have too many gadgets. :)

    That fabric/border matchup is brilliant!

  2. Oh my, you’ve taken on a big task. You’ll love the gun!!! and it’s the only rational way to do those doors. How cool that you’ve found just the right band fabric already in the stash.

  3. Gigi, I think I had tha same Singer on your bookshelf. Got rid of the machine but still have some of some of the cams – do you want them? I can bring them down when we’re in Hollywood FL in July.

  4. I’d love them, Phyllis – I can’t wait to see you!!!

  5. You have really taken on a big job…good luck with it all!

  6. Gail

    how long before the spray gun gets put to use in the sewing room for painting fabric? I’d think it would be great for doing large amounts of fabric.

    regarding painting the shelves – I feel your pain. I learned long ago, when painting over a dark color (or putting yellow over *any* color) to use a stain blocking primer.