Status Report

On Saturday, I decided to play around with making a dress out of Kwik-Sew 3616. It was turning out really cute until I realized that I’d forgotten to add seam allowances to the skirt (Doh!). Let’s just say it fits but it’s unflatteringly snug. Well, we all make mistakes and this one isn’t tragic (although this Gorgeous Fabrics fabric is so perfect for work!). I’ll just cut it back into a top and try again.


I’m also working on my quilt. I cut the borders and am now playing around with extending the circles into it. After looking at the photos, I think it needs a narrow black inner border in addition to the black binding that I have planned. It needs a frame to separate the circles from the border so that it doesn’t feel like nothing more than a sea of batik. What do you think?

quilt border

And, lastly, isn’t every day better when you buy yourself a little sewing present? I know mine is! I learned of the Spadea Sewing Book from Barbara at Cat Fur Studio and wondered why I didn’t have it! Now, through the power of the internet, one landed on my doorstep today as if by magic.


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9 responses to “Status Report

  1. I just ordered my copy of that book, thanks to your recommendation!

    I’m sorry the dress didnt work out the way you wanted. But that will make a great top.

  2. Jane

    I like your quilt ideas. I would be interested to see how bigger circles in the border would look – also changing a circle fabric carried into the border thru your frame (small black inner border). Ghost circles (different sizes) quilted in the border is another idea you may want to consider. It’s your quilt – once you start experimenting, it’s hard to stop.
    Love your dress too!

  3. I really like the floral prints in the quilt. The circles are quite unexpected. Very creative!

  4. Too bad about the dress. Seems like you should be able to just squeeze a bit out of the seam allowance to make it fit. Bummer!

    What do you call your quilt? I see it as “Snowball”, which is a name given that pattern way back when. I would definitely make that black border, but it depends on whether you want the design to fade into the print border. Nice work on that, by the way.

    Sounds like a great book to curl up in bed with!

  5. Do you realise that you have women all over the world rushing out to buy Kwik Sew 3616? I love your stuff.

  6. Gigi…your quilt is SO pretty….just love it.
    Bummer about the dress..but it will make a pretty top or perhaps a tunic with shirred/gathered side seams….?

    Great score on Spadea book !

  7. Summerset

    Well, at least you can save the top portion of the dress- not to much wasted and you’ll still end up with a cute top.

    Yes, a black border would look great. Some bubbles floating out of the center and through/into the borders would look cool, too. It would give the quilt more movement and life rather than the circles being contained by the borders.

  8. Your quilt is absolutely beautiful. I just finished a Carnivale quilt that reminded me of yours. I posted it today too.
    Great job! Love all of your sewing!