Kimono Dress: Almost done!

I’ve been pretty quiet the past few days, trying to stay away from my computer and phone so that I can finish up the HP Kimono Dress! I have been working so much the past two weeks that I’ve had zero sewing time, grrrr. But this morning I just decided to ignore all the usual distractions and concentrate on finishing up. I still have to do the hems and shorten the ties (I know they are supposed to wrap around one more time but I don’t want that many layers around my waist) but here you go:



I was scratching my head a bit when I got to the front band/tie unit but it was easy to figure out in the end. I just couldn’t wrap my head around it but once I started putting the pieces together it became very clear. I’ll post a couple of photos on that next week and talk about some of the alterations I made. The most important thing I want to share with you is that the length is perfect on me (at the knee) and I am 5’3″ – if you’re taller you will need to add length to the skirt. I always check the length before I cut because of my height – it was nice not to have to make a length adjustment for a change.

I’m headed to the shower now so that Bryan and I can meet my BFF for Mexican food (her DH is in Gainesville covering the Florida/Miami game). No sewing tomorrow :-( as I promised Bryan I’d go to the Dolphins game with him. I guess I am going to have to learn to like football… They do sell margaritas at the stadium now!

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25 responses to “Kimono Dress: Almost done!

  1. dei

    Can’t wait to see this finished products and pix. Have a great time at the game.

  2. Karla

    It’s even better than I’d imagined it would be. The fabric you used for the bands and ties looks wonderful – just the right contrast and visual texture. It’s hard to tell on your dress form: is it work-appropriate or does it reveal too much of your “clavicles”?

  3. Linda T

    Lovely!! I look forward to the follow up.

    How many times are the ties suppose to wrap around your waist? For those of us with more square shapes, we need to becareful about highlighting our waists.

  4. Nancy K

    Great looking dress. I love how you put patterns together.

  5. designdreamer

    Love it!

  6. Oh football isn’t so bad! Not as good as sewing, but not terrible, either. Your dress looks fantastic!

  7. Love the dress. Football isn’t so bad. Right now DH had to go out to his CCD class’s retreat and I’m watching (sort of) the Dallas/Browns game. It grows on you after a while…in little bits that is. ;o)

  8. I love this dress! I like that the ties are long; been seeing that on RTW dresses everywhere.

  9. Donna

    Of all the lovely clothes you have made and posted online, this in my opinion is the most beautiful.

  10. Jen

    I’ve been wanting to make a dress of this style for awhile. Is this in a stretch knit? Any suggestions for where to get affordable jersey knits? I see so many that are so expensive …

  11. My taste, exactly! (That’s a compliment. LOL)

  12. Diana

    What a gorgeous dress! Wish I still had the figure to wear this style. Congrats on your sewing accomplishments! Spectacular!
    Happy Sewing,

  13. I think this is the most gorgeous dress I’ve seen in awhile. I love the colors, the fabrics and the look. Nice to know that the length did not need adjusting. Like you I am 5’3″ and that skirt length issue can be a pain sometimes.

  14. This dress is stunning! I love it…now you need to go out to dinner to wear it!


  15. susan

    It’s Sept. 28..did you ever finish this great dress?

  16. Mary

    please come back! I’ve been stalking this site for weeks I tell ya!

  17. Diane

    Where are you? We are starting to worry.

  18. Gigi, where are you? You came back to the blog-o-sphere, and now you’re gone again! Hope all is well.

  19. Angela

    I miss your postings!

  20. Leah

    Hello – the dress is GORGEOUS! May I ask where you purchased the fabric from?

  21. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.