Stop this ride, I want to get off!

Yeah, so there is just no rest for the weary, is there? ;-) Three weeks ago I started working part-time in my friend’s sewing machine shop. He called me desperate for help and he’s always so generous with me that I couldn’t say no! My first mission was to organize and clean up the front of the store. Now I’ve moved to the back of the store (the Graveyard, as I like to call it) and am pulling out goodies to sell. His father started as a Singer dealer back in 1967 and later added Bernina so there is a lot of cool stuff that needs to go. Today, I opened up an Ebay store for him and started listing the Bernina accessories. Then I’m moving on to super-cool vintage accessories. Wait until you see the mint-condition, never-used Singer monogrammer we found! I have a feeling I might be adding to my collection while I’m at it…I’ve already snagged a mint Singer buttonholer that will be modified to fit my Featherweight. I just love me some round-end buttonholes!

Go to the Azar’s Sewing Ebay store and bookmark us! And, if you’re in need of any vintage parts or accessories send us a message – chances are we have what you need somewhere in the back room.

We’ll be going back to our regularly scheduled programming on Saturday. Having a holiday is just not worth it because I have to cram five days worth of work into 4! I just roll my eyes when my company calls it a Paid Holiday – it damn well better be since I’m still doing the same amount of work. ;-) Just makes me laugh that they think it’s a perk – I guess if you are the receptionist it is because there is no catch-up recepting to do when you get back.

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10 responses to “Stop this ride, I want to get off!

  1. subversivesewer

    That’s really nice of you to help!!

  2. Jessica Clark

    Hi, I came across your blog via google and would like to know if you’re available to sew some handbag prototypes for me? I’m in California, starting a handbag line I’ve been working on for a couple of years now (got married had a baby lots of time off). In short, the line is named after my grandmother and inspired by the 1940′s and the love story of my grandmother and my grandfather (airforce pilot in WWII)during that time. I’m revising previous designs and sketches now. If you’re interested please email me, please attach photos of any bags you’ve sewn and ballpark prices for a pattern and proto. I hope to hear from you! By the way I love your blog and your beautiful work!!
    Jessica Clark
    Virginia Edwards, Inc.

  3. Gigi, you really are a saint! Pity I don’t live closer. My vintage singer needs new electrical wiring (has an old round 2 prong plug and the wire is insulated with fabric!)

  4. What model is it? Is the cord detachable? If it is I’m sure he has a replacement.

  5. oooh, that sounds like some very fun work. I will definitely check out the eBay store. I just bought a Kenmore 158-905 and I want to find the buttonhole attachment. In the manual it looks like a weird foot sorta thing.

  6. Cindy

    I was just thinking about Azar’s the other day. My machines need service and I have no idea where to take them up here in the panhandle.

  7. sheila

    St. Thomas Aquinas in Louisville, Ohio????

  8. No Sheila, St. Thomas Aquinas in Ft. Lauderdale – hey, he’s a popular saint!

  9. Sue

    Great blog! I’ve seen your posts in several groups over the years. I think I read in one post you made that you have one of the same commercial embroidery machines that I own… do you have the Brother 1210 (12 needle?). If so, please let me know. This machine was manufactured in 1999 or 2000, I bought mine used after it sat in previous owner’s basement for about 8 years. Anyhow, it’s running strong. Would love to chat with you if you own one of these machines. I’m interested in some of the Bernina attachments you have on Ebay too – great job on blog and the Ebay stuff too!

  10. Teddie Hanophy

    Hi, Gigi. It’s Teddie Hanophy. I’ve been searching, without success, for a custom button covering service in the U.S. The kind of place that will make several styles of covered buttons (sometimes covered belt buckles, too)with your fabric. All I can find through Google or Ask are in the U.K. or Australia! There used to be a good one in Bridgeport, CT, but they must be gone. Do you have any info on such a business?