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Kimono Dress: Almost done!

I’ve been pretty quiet the past few days, trying to stay away from my computer and phone so that I can finish up the HP Kimono Dress! I have been working so much the past two weeks that I’ve had zero sewing time, grrrr. But this morning I just decided to ignore all the usual distractions and concentrate on finishing up. I still have to do the hems and shorten the ties (I know they are supposed to wrap around one more time but I don’t want that many layers around my waist) but here you go:



I was scratching my head a bit when I got to the front band/tie unit but it was easy to figure out in the end. I just couldn’t wrap my head around it but once I started putting the pieces together it became very clear. I’ll post a couple of photos on that next week and talk about some of the alterations I made. The most important thing I want to share with you is that the length is perfect on me (at the knee) and I am 5’3″ – if you’re taller you will need to add length to the skirt. I always check the length before I cut because of my height – it was nice not to have to make a length adjustment for a change.

I’m headed to the shower now so that Bryan and I can meet my BFF for Mexican food (her DH is in Gainesville covering the Florida/Miami game). No sewing tomorrow :-( as I promised Bryan I’d go to the Dolphins game with him. I guess I am going to have to learn to like football… They do sell margaritas at the stadium now!


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Stop this ride, I want to get off!

Yeah, so there is just no rest for the weary, is there? ;-) Three weeks ago I started working part-time in my friend’s sewing machine shop. He called me desperate for help and he’s always so generous with me that I couldn’t say no! My first mission was to organize and clean up the front of the store. Now I’ve moved to the back of the store (the Graveyard, as I like to call it) and am pulling out goodies to sell. His father started as a Singer dealer back in 1967 and later added Bernina so there is a lot of cool stuff that needs to go. Today, I opened up an Ebay store for him and started listing the Bernina accessories. Then I’m moving on to super-cool vintage accessories. Wait until you see the mint-condition, never-used Singer monogrammer we found! I have a feeling I might be adding to my collection while I’m at it…I’ve already snagged a mint Singer buttonholer that will be modified to fit my Featherweight. I just love me some round-end buttonholes!

Go to the Azar’s Sewing Ebay store and bookmark us! And, if you’re in need of any vintage parts or accessories send us a message – chances are we have what you need somewhere in the back room.

We’ll be going back to our regularly scheduled programming on Saturday. Having a holiday is just not worth it because I have to cram five days worth of work into 4! I just roll my eyes when my company calls it a Paid Holiday – it damn well better be since I’m still doing the same amount of work. ;-) Just makes me laugh that they think it’s a perk – I guess if you are the receptionist it is because there is no catch-up recepting to do when you get back.


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