Go Raiders!

I just got The Word from The Boyfriend that my alma mater, St. Thomas Aquinas, beat Cincinnati Elder 35-24 in the Herbstreit Classic this morning. I tried to follow the radio coverage online but couldn’t get a connection, darn. I don’t know much about football but I’m proud of you honey! I’m not really sure what an offensive coordinator does but you obviously do it well. :-)


And yes, Karla, it is the 30th and that darn dress isn’t done yet! I put in 60 hours this past week and basically came home to eat dinner and go to bed. Today I played catch-up on all the housework and laundry but, thankfully, it’s a LONG WEEKEND! That dress will be done before I go back to work on Tuesday!

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3 responses to “Go Raiders!

  1. Karla

    Honest, I wasn’t nagging, merely hoping that you hadn’t encountered a problem with what looks like a wonderful dress. I’m glad you got good football news to kick off your 3-day weekend. As for what an offensive coordinator does, I hope it’s lawn work and minor household repairs. Enjoy the weekend and get some rest!

  2. Alright! Go Raiders! Pats season opener is next weekend – I can’t wait!

  3. Betsy

    I’ve been reading your blog and I really enjoy it! I am getting back into sewing after a 5-year break, and I have a question for you. When you are lining an unlined garment, do you usually omit the facings (on a bodice, for example) or attach the lining to the facing? Or, is there some other secret you can share with me? By the way, I’m selling my embroidery business after 5 years, so wish me luck!! Thanks!