Well, it looks like I’m just barely outside the Cone of Death! I may still bring in the patio furniture and the orchids, just in case. Geez, I hate hurricane season!


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12 responses to “Whew!

  1. Whew indeed! I hope it is only rain and not much at that. Good luck! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  2. Janine

    And then you woke up this morning!!

    Back to Publix for a few things and few other errands.
    Moved all the bonsai under the patio.

    Be safe…

  3. Ugh, we’re right there in the cone. I’m in Naples. We are so getting hit. Hopefully it won’t be too bad. I hope everyone’s ready!

  4. Karla

    I’m in NC, and my sister and I just changed our flight and cut our trip short so we can get home before they close the airports. You certainly didn’t need another hit, so I’m glad you’re outside the watch area.

  5. dei

    Glad you’re out of range! Be safe.

  6. I’m in Punta Gorda. Preparing for the storm took time away from my sewing, and I did not appreciate that one bit. I guess if I could get through Hurricane Charlie, I can get through this one. I am prepped and ready.
    Good Luck

  7. Kim

    And i’m sulking because its raining in the UK? I feel thoroughly chastened.

    Hope everyone is safe and not too badly affected.

  8. Linda T

    I hope all of you that will be effected by the hurricane will be safe and sewing again!

  9. LindsayT

    Yikes! I remember those days from living in New Orleans.

  10. Gemma

    Hang in there Gigi! I just spoke to my brother a few minutes ago, he is in Punta Gorda and he was outside preparing for the storm. Glad I was able to chat with him and hope it lifted his spirit a little bit.

    I know what you mean about hurricane season. I was born in the Caribbean, and I certainly forgot what it was like until I went back some years ago! Guess on our planet it’s either hurricanes or winter. I’ll take the winter, thanks.
    Hang in there.

  11. Cindy

    Best of luck, Gigi! We’ve been spared this time. {whew}

  12. Mary

    Stay safe and KEEP SEWING!!