Not sewing-related but…

I’ve always said I want to be Dame Helen Mirren when I grow up. She manages to look not only elegant and beautiful but sexy as well – not an easy feat when you are in your 60s! After seeing this photo of her, I love her even more! She’s chosen a bikini that is just so perfect for her when it would be so easy to go wrong and look like mutton-dressed-as-lamb.


I mean, I think I look pretty good in a bikini but, MY GOD, she is the same age as my mother – well past bikini-wearing age (hell, I think I might be past bikini-wearing age!) – and she looks fabulous. Maybe if I work extra-hard to stay in shape and possibly sell my soul to the devil getting older won’t be so bad…

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15 responses to “Not sewing-related but…

  1. You’re right, she looks fantastic! This is further impetus to get me out of bed at 5am for training! I’ve just upped my training from 3 days to 5 days per week because as my age gets closer to starting with a 5, I see my flesh hanging lower. Look at her triceps! She must do a lot of weights and dips to keep them that firm. Thanks for posting this picture. Coincidentally, I am just killing time before I go to my pump class so now I’m going to work harder!

  2. Diane

    Wow! What a dame! I’m seriously considering snagging this photo and having it blown up poster size and use it as visual encouragment to “git-bizzy”. I’m impressed – she’s stunning and she can ACT too!

  3. I’m half her age and she looks twice as good in a two piece. I don’t care if it’s her job to look good. She looks fantastic. Period.

  4. Olivia

    Unbelievable!!! What an inspiration to get back in shape! I can only dream of looking that good in my sixties!

  5. Wow! she looks really good for her age……

  6. Molly

    Sorry to pour cold water, but Dame Helen has never had children,which I think accounts a lot for her shape.[She's also had a lot of time to look after herself... :-)]

  7. OP Gal

    It’s amazing to see her slender, toned legs, because I seem to remember seeing her in “The Thief, the Cook, His Wife and Her Lover” doing a nude scene. If memory serves me correctly, in the scene, she turns her back to the camera and walks away. She reveals that she has saddle bags and serious cellulite. I remember thinking, “How many actresses would allow their less-than-perfect body to be photographed like that?” I thought she was amazing for doing that.

    I wonder what she did to get rid of her cellulite and saddle bags. Working out can’t get rid of cellulite. Or maybe it’s hidden by the angle of the camera and the way she’s standing. Or maybe my memory is completely shot and it was someone else in the film. I’m probably her age.

  8. dei

    Fab! Kids, no kids, hidden saddle bags, cellulite or not, she looks great because of confidence…and a whole lot of personal assistants.

  9. Heather

    Here comes a bucket of water. Gigi, if you didn’t take that picture yourself, then don’t believe it. Lots of photo-shop erasing and shaping going on there perhaps.
    OP Gal, that’s probably the answer as to where the cellulite and bags went.
    Still, wouldn’t it be great to have that figure in real life!

  10. according to this article, there were no digital shenanigans:,23599,24045314-401,00.html

  11. What does the woman DO to look like that?

  12. Delurking momentarily to say Oh.My.Gosh. !!!!! Dame Mirren looks fantastic!!

  13. Linda T

    Very attractive woman. She came out of the good end of the gene pool. A very small percentage of women look that good in their 60’s.

    If it is not Photoshop then it is lots of daily exercise, rabbit food and plastic surgery, in conjunction to good genes. The idea of exercising all day while nibbling lettuce between surgical touch ups is not appealing to me. Besides, I came out of the other end of the gene pool. LOL

  14. She does look fabulous! The other thing I notice is, she chose a bikini top that is flattering to her size and shape. The typical triangle top would Not look the same. Just a bit more motivation to get back in shape.

  15. OMG! She is beautiful! It’s more than exercise. It’s ing the GENES!