Happy Father’s Day!

My dear, wonderful father-in-law likes me to make custom shirts for him – he appreciates what I call my “maternity for men” alteration that gives him a little more room over his tummy. :-) So, I decided to make him a shirt for Father’s Day yesterday. I hadn’t really planned on making it yesterday, I’d planned to do it weeks ago but you know how that goes!

I used my trusty old Kwik-Sew 2935 pattern and a beautiful, heavy sueded rayon that I bought at the Doncaster outlet about ten years ago – it is a tiny houndstooth check in dusty blue with black. Gorgeous but so tightly woven that it was a bit uncooperative at times and required beating into submission with my clapper. I’m 99% happy with the result but the collar just isn’t rolling as nicely as I would have liked. I had a yard leftover and at first thought I’d make a little summer cargo skirt with it but instead I added it to the scrap bag! Happily, I had exactly five mother-of-pearl buttons in my stash that matched – the pattern calls for six but I never bother with the button under the collar since no one uses it anyway (I just make the lapel loop).



I have been intrigued by Pamela Erny’s “Cigar Pocket” for some time so I was excited to finally have the opportunity to borrow this idea from her. My father-in-law does not smoke cigars so I made the pocket narrower to accomodate a pen. I doubt he’ll actually use it but it is a very nice designer detail, don’t you think? Be sure to check out Pamela’s website, her custom shirts are beyond fabulous plus she sells some wonderful notions on her site. The customer service is great!


As an aside, a couple of years ago, I met a really nice fellow sewer online – Gail – who owns and runs a surfing magazine with her husband. She graciously sent me a bunch of great coconut buttons from a surfwear manufacturer (these are the same type of buttons that Tommy Bahama uses) but darned if I can find them! I am normally very organized (you have to be when you are dealing with mass quantities!) when it comes to my sewing supplies but apparently I did not put them in my button stash. They would have looked great with this blue fabric, grrr. Now this is driving me crazy and I can’t rest until I figure out what I did with them!

NOTE: In case you missed my original tutorial for this type of shirt, here is the LINK. Never mind that guy modeling the shirt, just someone I used to know. ;-)

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17 responses to “Happy Father’s Day!

  1. Beautiful work!
    I know you pleased FIL greatly with this gem!

  2. Gorgeous! I have been promising my DH some shirts from this pattern for, oh, over a year now – maybe this (and the PR stash contest) will inspire me to actually get to it!

  3. Karla

    Gigi, it’s beautiful. I wish I’d made my DH something instead of buying him a cr@ppy RTW island shirt – which I know he’ll wear, despite the fact that I’d be embarrassed to say I made something like it. :-( Good luck finding those buttons. I feel your pain.

  4. Beautiful shirt and fabric. I love the pocket detail you added. This KS pattern is also a favorite of mine to sew for DH. Hey…do you think those coconut buttons are in a safe and special place? I tend to do that…then I forget where I put things. Enjoyed your post…Susan

  5. What a great looking shirt!

  6. Els

    Your FIL will appreciate this custom made shirt, it looks great.

  7. Great looking shirt, I am sure it will be greatly appreciated.

  8. Great looking shirt! In the pictures, the fabric seems to drape really beautifully.
    I should make my DH some shirts like this, maybe then he’d stop wearing all those T-shirts.

  9. Lovely shirt and thank you for drawing my attention to that cigar pocket. What a great idea!

  10. The shirt is fantastic! Love the cigar/pen pocket. DFIL must have been thrilled to receive it.

  11. Great shirt, love the color, love the pocket alteration. I’m about to start my first foray into mens shirts, so I really appreciate your pointers! Now I’ll have to add this pattern to the wish list!

  12. Our dads must have the same figure! Mine makes the perfect Santa with his beer belly… And the cigar pocket is a great idea, as mine often has one in his mouth to keep the mosquitos away in summer, though he doesn’t otherwise smoke.

  13. designdreamer

    very nice.
    While shopping yesterday, I noticed a man that appeared to be of normal weight/proportions when I first saw him, but then when I got a sideways glance of him a few minutes later, my first thought was “that man looks at least 6 months pregnant”! My dh has a tummy too, but probably more like 3 months! lol.
    Note that I (we-I was taking my daughters shopping) were BUYING a shirt.

  14. Summerset

    Very nice shirt – the pocket is such a nice, thoughtful touch. Thanks for the link to the interfacings, I will be ordering some of those too. You are such an enabler, first the green paisley, now the interfacing!

  15. WOW! The shirt came out perfect! That pocket is terrific! I, too, am in awe of Pamela’s shirtmaking talents.

    With friendship,

  16. Olivia

    Great shirt and pocket! Have you noticed RTW men’s shirts hardly have pockets on them anymore? I think they are just trying to cut corners in production.

  17. Great Shirt! I wish i was quick enough to do a whole shirt in one day – it takes me forever! I would love a tutorial on matching across the buttons!

    Thank you so much!