Where in the world am I?

I know I haven’t been writing much here lately – maybe you’ve noticed, maybe you haven’t! I am still working on my Cosmopolitan Dress over at The Sewing Divas and working on a shoulder bag pattern for The Sewing Divas so posting here will be light. I did receive some faboo new fabrics from Ann this past week and will post them soon.

I have had lots more time to sew the past couple of weeks and feel like I’m finally getting my mojo back. Those of you who know what’s been going on in my personal life the past two years know that I haven’t felt like sewing much. I know it would have been really good for me but I wasn’t able to concentrate or get motivated so enjoying sewing again is a really HUGE development and I am sooooo happy about it! It makes me feel like I’m getting a little bit of my old life – and the old me – back. Now I feel confident that once I get going I’ll be cranking things out in record time once again!

Happy Sewing to all!

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5 responses to “Where in the world am I?

  1. I’m glad you’re feeling more upbeat these days.

    While I don’t know all the details, I know that things have been in upheaval for you for some time now. That’s difficult to handle. Hard enough to cope with life in general, not to mention our avocations.

    I’m looking forward to your brighter future, and of course, all your fabulous sewing projects!

  2. Jeannie W.

    I always loved reading your blog and back when you posted on Pattern Review. I think you have the best advice and always enjoy reading your take on things. So I’m really happy that your feeling like your old self. I wish you only happiness, good health and joy, and of course–great sewing! Thanks for such a great blog!

  3. Been there ~ definitely done that! So I totally understand and am glad that you are BACK!!!!

  4. Mel.J

    I’ve been reading about that dress on Sewing Divas. I am glad you’re starting to feel more like yourself. I’m glad sewing is still part of the evolving Gigi! I’m glad you sound so positive.

  5. I’ve missed you over the past couple of years. I’m happy you are doing well and that we’ll be treated to Gigi Creations as well as tutorials.