Geez. Bluefly just received a shipment of Kooba bags. What could be better than that? They are 40% off! Sadly, I must resist no matter how much I want the Harper bag in eggplant, sniff. Well, I shouldn’t be sniffling too much as the reason I have to just say no is because I bought both a Kooba shoulder bag and a Mulberry satchel last week. And both my boyfriend and my son bought me fabulous bags for Mother’s Day. Yes, I am a spoiled brat and I love it!


So, get thee over to the Bluefly Kooba Sale and buy something in my honor!

UPDATE 05/21/08: Since you asked….here is the bag my son gave me for Mother’s Day. I don’t buy much Coach but I sure am a sucker for anything with a vintage ’70s feel to it so this is perfect! I love it so much I may get it in navy as well. Since Nancy asked, I thought I would mention that this is a new bag, not vintage. It is one of the Legacy bags which are the only ones I am liking right now. I love the hand-burnished leather and chunky brass hardware!


Since my son had to work on Mother’s Day my boyfriend made me a wonderful dinner, pretty much waited on me hand and foot and surprised me with this gorgeous Michael Kors hobo. Outside pockets are de rigeur for me because I hate having to open my bag to get my phone. I absolutely love this delicious shade of yellow!


Here is the Kooba shoulder bag I bought for myself. I really lucked into a great sale – I had wanted this bag last year but held off. I needed a light-colored bag for summer and I just can’t be trusted with white. You can tell I am a little obsessed with retro style bags right now. Yes, that is Winnie The Cat in the background!


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3 responses to “Kooba!

  1. You are such an enabler!!! Luckily my pocketbook cannot cough up the money to justify purchasing one of these beauties. Spoiled…you should be spoiled and it’s good to train your son. I remember when he bought you Chanel shoes. How about some pictures of your new bags??? Please…. ;o)

  2. Bad Gigi! Don’t tempt me any more than I need to be… But what a good BF and son you have!

  3. Gigi, did you realize that Winnie matches the granite countertop?! I almost couldn’t tell she was there even after you mentioned it.

    The green one’s a new, not vintage, Coach? I like it sooo much better than the patchwork and logo printed styles. My Coach is a vintage Madison, currently at the shoe guys for new snaps on the shoulder strap.

    Summer popped suddenly here in NM, too. I actually had a wool sweater on and was running the heat last week. Now suddenly, it’s hot hot hot.