So, do you Louis?


I read Bag Snob on a daily basis not just to see what’s going on in the world of handbags but also to drool over the Bag Snobs’ collections!

Bag Snob Tina wrote an interesting post today: To Louis or not to Louis? Now, I do still love the classic LV bags and would kill for a vintage train case (never mind what I’d do for a matched set of vintage luggage) but I am not taking Louis out as often as I used to. I am GREEN with envy that Phyllis’ mother has a vintage train case which will likely end up in Phyllis’ closet at some point! Otherwise, the brand is just seeming too mass-produced to me these days and has lost so much of it’s cachet.

Will I still buy? Occasionally. But, these days I’d rather spend my hard-earned money on gorgeous bags that I won’t see on the arms of every preteen.

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5 responses to “So, do you Louis?

  1. Claire

    It makes me sad but an LV bag is probably the last one I’d think about buying. I think it’s because they were the first knockoffs (that I noticed anyway) and I always wonder if the one someone is carrying is real. I usually figure “no”! There’s just something about the fabric design/color that doesn’t do anything for me. However, if someone bought me an authentic one, I’d carry it proudly….yup, I’m a Libra for sure. ;o)

  2. LV handbags have never made me crazy – but the luggage sure does! One of my favorite Project Runway photos is of Laura Benett sitting on her LV luggage at the airport.

  3. I’m with Phyllis. I never wanted an LV bag, but I would love LV luggage!

    Now a Birkin Bag? THAT I would sell my firstborn for…

  4. Min

    I love accessories, especially purses and hats, but I’ve never been a fan of Louis Vitton. The “advertising” is a little overt for my taste.

  5. arely morales

    i love lv bags, it make me crazy when i go to the store, i really satisfy with the styles.