Don’t forget Mom!

I am so lucky to have the most wonderful mother-in-law on the planet! Although I let her know how much she means to me on a daily basis, I try to really go all-out mushy on Mother’s Day. Card that brings on the waterworks? Check! Thoughtful – yet practical – present? That’s where I got stuck…

My mother-in-law is kind of hard to buy for. She has more jewelry than she can possibly wear and I just bought her gift certificates to her favorite restaurant and her favorite nursery for her birthday in January – so impersonal, I know, but useful! So, I’ve been a little stressed out for the past couple of weeks because I was at such a loss for a Mother’s Day gift. Then, my boyfriend (I feel a little giggly just typing that) suggested a purse – what a great idea! Since she likes Coach, I took myself to the Coach store yesterday morning and found the perfect bag and matching wallet. Hopefully, she will like it!


If you haven’t yet shopped for Mom, today would be a good day to do that – you know how crowded the stores will be tomorrow!

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7 responses to “Don’t forget Mom!

  1. Boyfriend?!? You minx! You realize, someday you’ll need to spill all (via a roman a clef). :-)

  2. Claire

    What a wonderful and thoughtful gift Gigi!!! After Mother’s Day you’ll have to tell us which purse you purchased for her.
    A boyfriend…do spill the beans. ;o)

  3. Elle

    LOL, I love the blog, but for us poor folk (meaning me, here) I just drafted a sewing kit and needle book based on vintage pictures and then made ribbon flowers.

    I think I need to hide your blog from my mom so she won’t get jealous!

  4. What a lovely present for your MIL! You’re far better than I am. And BTW, a very happy Mother’s Day to YOU!

  5. Olivia

    No one your Ex hooks up with will blow a candle to you, Gigi!! Sounds like you’re the best DIL anyone could possibly hope for!!

  6. What a great gift, and how wonderful that you’ve maintained a happy relationship with MIL.
    Boyfriend??? ;)

  7. If only more than 12 people could read about this..