My thoughts exactly!

In addition to shoe shopping, I’ve been doing a lot of bag shopping lately. Oh boy, have I learned to check a bag’s dimensions when shopping online! When did handbags become the size of overnighters? Recently, I ordered the most stunning bag from Nordstrom’s and was shocked when it arrived. It was over 18″ wide and, although gorgeous, looked completely ridiculous on me. Don’t get me wrong, I love a larger bag. This is Florida, it rains a lot and I like to keep an umbrella in my bag. A compact umbrella, not a golf umbrella.

I think a good rule of thumb is to carry a bag not much wider than your hips. For instance, my front hip measurement is 14″ so bags that are about that size offer the best proportion for me, especially since I am only 5’3″ tall. I bought the new In Style a couple of days ago and laughed out loud when I saw this:


Good. It’s not just me.

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12 responses to “My thoughts exactly!

  1. That is just too funny – but I LOVE the red bags anyway.

  2. I love a good handbag, too. But if it doesn’t fit in my lockable drawer at work, its too big! Besides, I have enough pattern alterations to make already without adding others for a sloping shoulder, longer arm, lower hip, hunched back, etc. caused by carrying such an oversized bag on a daily basis.

  3. Wow! LOL… I saw that too! I love a big, throw everything in bag, but those look like a piece of luggage!

  4. I love the red color but the size makes me wonder the same thing. I’m a fan of small handbags, preferably the kind I can carry on my forearm.

  5. I love the red but that is HUGE!

  6. I think some of those are bigger than the bag my DH used when he went out of town for four days. LOL

  7. Phyllis

    Based on how lightly it sits on her arm, I’m convinced that Katie Holmes is carrrying a virtually empty handbag.

  8. Toby Wollin

    But, look at the strain in Katie Holmes’ arm and hand – I’ll bet if she puts anything over a lip gloss and a credit card in there, she gets tendonitis in that arm(and shoulder spasms, too). She should just get wheels and a long strap put on it and pull it behind her like a little red wagon.

  9. Well, if you’re going to carry a Birkin bag, you might as well make it the biggest honkin’ BIRKIN BAG on the planet so no one will miss that you’re carrying a BIRKIN BAG – right? :D

  10. Claire

    I agree, large bags are cool, but these are ridiculous! I have the opposite problem as I purchased 2 different bags on Ebay that were way too small. One Michael Kors looks like something I’d buy for a 5 year old…well…maybe 8 year old. The blue suede coach is at least a bit bigger and darn cute too. For the Birkin, Ann I hear ya…yeah if you can find one, and afford one, I guess you might as well make sure everyone knows you have it. ;o)

  11. Ewwwww. Looks like you are off to the airport rather than just out and about. Where are you going that you need that much stuff??

  12. Olivia

    The perfect size bag for me is 14″ long and 9″ high. I also want a couple of outside pockets. I have been looking for a summer bag but they’re either WAYY to big or too small, or not trendy enough!! :)