I’m a loser…

Even with repeated renewal reminders, I forgot to renew my Burda WOF in time to receive the April 2008 issue which is now, naturally, SOLD OUT!

I’ve already checked Ebay only to come up empty, boohoo. If you are reading this and have one you’d like to sell me please contact me at sewingbunny at hotmail dot com. Heaven forbid I should have a gap in my collection!

You can see a copy of it HERE

UPDATE 4/22/08 5:50 p.m.: Thank you all my wonderfully helpful sewing sisters! I have a copy winging it’s way to me as I type! Whew! I’d better check to make sure I renewed my Threads!

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8 responses to “I’m a loser…

  1. Do you want me to check at newsstands here if the French issue is still available?

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  3. Sewbaby is where I ordered all my Burda issues and I believe it is in stock:


  4. Needle Nook Fabrics carries single Burda issues (http://ndlnookfab.blogspot.com/). I was there just last week and thought I had seen the April issue. If you call them they might be able to hook you up!

  5. If all else fails, I’m pretty sure that’s the mag in the shops here (NZ) at the moment. I could mail one over to you if necessary.

  6. I second SewBaby.com – I just got an email newsletter from them today saying they have the April issue in stock right now!

  7. Carol

    I live in Australia and we get ours about two months behind. If you don’t locate a copy, let me know and I can get you one here. I’ve just received February.

  8. Anne Szabo

    I, too, am a loser. I even left a message on Stitches and Seams under the Burda WOF as to whether anyone had received the April issue yet b/c I had not. Several days later when I was still not getting my copy I called and found out that when I renewed I only renewed for 6 mos. What was I thinking. I too did not get the April issue. Shucks. That won’t happen again. No more 6 mos renewals. Anne