Build the outfit #1

As I was getting ready to go out on Saturday night I really wanted to wear these fabulous sandals (which my boyfriend calls stripper shoes – I don’t care, I’ll wear them anyway) and realized that I had only one garment that really went with them – a dress I’d worn last Saturday! How did this happen? So, inspired by Manolo The Shoeblogger’s build the outfit contests I am going to start from the ground up for a change and make a few things to go with the shoes.


My thought is that these are pretty sexy shoes and need something clean, simple and not too bare to keep me from looking like a working girl. What I’ve come up with so far:

Item #1 – White shirtdress: The first one is perfect, the second needs to be a few inches longer



A great pattern to start with is this Threads for Simplicity pattern that I had forgotten was in my stash!


Item #2 – White knee length skirt: LOVE!


Item #3 – White skinny bermuda shorts: LOVE! A definite must-have!


Item #4 – Sundress: the first one would be perfect if it were a few inches longer, the second one has a nice shape but I wouldn’t add the girly details



This forgotten New Look pattern is the perfect base for a sundress! I’ll probably use the strapless version and add tiny spaghetti straps for wearing ease.


Another style that I think is absolutely perfect for these shoes is this Hot Patterns Plain & Simple Iconic Shirtdress. I think this would look fabulous in red because a clingy white knit dress is certainly out of the question!


What do you think? I welcome any and all input!

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22 responses to “Build the outfit #1

  1. I “LOVE” those shoes!!! You are on the right track with something clean and white! LOVE IT!!! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  2. The shirtdresses and the sundresses could work with some lovely silver jewelry/embellishment. If you have the legs, then showing them right above the knee wouldn’t look bad at all.
    However, the white skirt with those embellishments, or the bermuda shorts will be KILLER with those shoes!

  3. I love the shoes, but I stay as far from white as i can get. I’m a big stain magnet. I’d pair the shoes with black or something with a big geometric pattern. I love the girly dress and the skirt.

  4. I love the idea of the shoe with the shirtdress! That’s my favorite look.

  5. I love the first shirtdress the best. What if you wore black with silver instead of the white? Seems that might really bring emphasis to the shoes rather than so much bright white? I guess more what Erica said.

  6. Summerset

    I like them all except the last sundress (it’s not that it is bad, it just doesn’t work for me!). I love the crisp look of the white with those shoes.

  7. I love the shirtdress look and the suggestion of moving away from white is a good one. I love Item #1 with its fuller skirt. I was thinking about dupioni, and found some lovely fabrics at I was enthralled by the gingham checked dupioni, especially the fuscia/white check.

  8. Vivienne

    Before I wore a pair of peep toe bronze shoes with clear lucite wedge heels, I wasn’t aware of the connotations of clear heeled shoes! I thought the shoes were cool in a Judy Jetson futuristic kind of way but they apparently make men crazy. I wore mine with a Burda wrap dress from May 2006 and the pleat neck dress (sans collar) from September 2007. And a blue and taupe Duro-inspired dress. Hmmm, I wore those shoes a lot!
    And speaking of connotations…for me, the white shirt dress is a bit nurse-like. Reminds me of Garp’s mom from the John Irving book “The World According to Garp.” A Jenny Fields original?

    I love the red jersey Halston-style dress combined with the silver shoes – it seems so RIGHT! And the white knee length denim skirt with a red top sounds great too.

  9. Cool shoes! I love the skirt with grommets around the pockets.
    White shirtdress sounds like a winner.

  10. I love the shirtdress. What a great contrast of casual, comfy, cotton dress with the fancy, shmancy, shiny unbelievebly cool shoes.

  11. I can’t wait to see what you decide to make. The dresses you chose are all great.

  12. Those shoes are FAB! I like the idea of white but I too am a stain magnet so rarely wear white. But red, or black would really pop, and navy or french blue would tone the shoes down if you wanted to be a little more conservative while still wearing FAB shoes!

  13. If you don’t want to do all white or black with the silver, how about khaki or that silver foil linen I’m seeing in the stores this season?

  14. Susan

    Love the look of the full-skirt shirtwaist, rather comfy in Florida’s heat IMHO. Might I suggest a black or perhaps red polka dot on a white background for a less severe look than the pristine white?

  15. Gigi you’d look fabulous in each and every of them! But if I had to choose I guess I’d go with the first look and would add a skinny metallic silver leather belt and a woven raffia clutch.

  16. An Admirer

    Darling, you will look wonderful in anything you make, so beautiful, so elegant , so adorable.
    Your secret admirer . xxxx

  17. Olivia

    I like the first shirtwaist dress in white eyelet, the sundress in a pretty tropical print, and the Hot Patterns dress in a nice drapey red knit. Really, those shoes are so versatile, you could wear alot with them. I would get a sassy purse with a little glitter. You need to make them all so you have a selection to choose from. If I had those shoes, I would also find some fabric with a touch of the silver lame in it to wear out. When I was in Florida, I never saw anyone wear black but just took a trip down to St Pete Beach in August!

  18. Min

    I adore the first shirtdress, and I really like the halter dress in the New Look patter.

    It’s funny that you should post this now. I follow the same approach in putting together my Easter outfit every year. I start with one striking vintage piece–a hat or a piece of jewelry–and build the ensemble from that one piece. :-)

  19. Those shoes are gorgeous! And what a clever embellishment on that white skirt (I like all the items that you showed but that really drew my attention)

  20. Claire

    I LOVE the shoes!! My 2 favorites are the 1st shirtdress and the skirt. However, for going out on a Saturday night I wouldn’t wear a shirtdress, unless it was sleeveless. I’d go with the skirt or a sundress.

  21. A_Murakami

    I heart those shoes! I love item #1, the white shirtdress as well. I am inspired to find a pattern I like and give it a shot.

    I recently found your blog. I am a novice sewer. When I was pregnant with my first child in 2004, I decided to teach myself to sew. I don’t do bad for being self taught, but I still have a lot to learn. I had only been sewing for my daughter and other little girls I know. It only occurred to me recently, since I am now done having kids and nearly back to my old body, that I could sew for myself! I am excited to learn new tips for sewing and experimenting with various fabrics.

  22. fornetti

    I do not believe this