ABS at SmartBargains!

I received a sale announcement yesterday from Smart Bargains (and you know how I can’t resist a shoe…) so I thought I’d pop over and see what they had. I was so excited to see that they had one of my favorite shoes, Abagail by Allen Schwartz, for the ridiculous sum of $69.99! I have these in black and absolutely love them. I paid full price and wish I’d checked Smart Bargains first! Yes they are super-high but the wide straps and platform make them quite comfortable. Last night, I wore them out to dinner (they look fabulous with my black/white HP Cosmopolitan Dress!) and then stood in a club for several hours afterwards and never once felt like I needed to sit down. Best of all, they make your feet and legs look incredible! Naturally, at such a great price I HAD to order a pair in beige which will be so useful all summer long.


Also available in chocolate brown, here’s the LINK. I highly recommend joining the Smart Shoppers Club for $9.95/year. You get private sale, clearance and new arrivals notifications and pay only $2.95 shipping on each order.

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4 responses to “ABS at SmartBargains!

  1. Those shoes are HOT! I LOVE smartbargins!!!

  2. Great shoes! I’m a fan of SmartBargains too!

  3. Gigi – I do the same thing; when I find something I really like, I usually get it in a couple of different colors too.

  4. Olivia

    Like those shoes!! I do the same – buy two colors if I really like the shoe!!